Alex Carneiro


Alex Carneiro is a published health author, kinesiologist, fitness cover model, celebrity coach, and Optimum Nutrition athlete. He also coaches the WWE Divas.

Alex was born in Brazil, but raised in Rome and several other places around the globe. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

For the past several years. Alex has been published in international magazines as both the model and author for many internationally recognized fitness publications. His expertise in human physiology and human kinetics inspire him to keep learning about the human body and how nutrition and exercise can impact them on a daily basis. Alex earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in kinesiology—sports and exercise science—with a minor in nutrition.

Alex is a wellness coach in Denver, Colorado, and owns his own business, ACFIT BODY, where he educates a worldwide base of fitness enthusiasts. You can him and learn more about this pro on his website, .



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