Alex D'Angelo


Alex D'Angelo is a personal trainer, fitness model, and competitive bodybuilder.


  • Simplicity Is The Key To Great Results!

    One of the problems most body builders face is gaining quality muscle mass and losing body fat. In this article I will try to simplify the ideas to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

  • Do's & Don'ts Of Your First Contest!

    I still remember the first time I decided to compete in body building. I thought it would be easy and at first it was, for about 2 weeks, but after that it got real hard. In this article I will talk about some DO's and DON'TS of contest prep!

  • Back Attack!

    There is no secret it comes down to consistency and with enough hard work and time you will have a superior back. Learn how!

  • How To Diet For Lean Muscle Mass Gains

    With winter comes bulking up, everybody's favorite part of the year, well maybe not but sure is mine. Learn how to diet for lean muscle mass gains!

  • Dialing In My Way: The Final Week Preparation!

    Here are a few things that I would like to cover before I show you my last weeks diet strategy.

  • Training To Grow!

    There are so many chronic over trainers that neglect the rest aspect of training, but we must remember you only grow when resting at home and not at the gym training.