Alex D'Angelo


I have always lifted weights for as long as I can remember. About 2 1/2 years ago I made a decision that if I am going to do this I might as well put my heart and soul into it. That is when it became serious to me and I truly focused on getting the results I always new I could. I have competed 4 times and have always placed 4th, just missing the top 3 placing by a mere point or two. I am currently preparing to compete at 2 shows; one on October 19th and a second one on November 2nd through which I hope to qualify to compete at a Provincial (State) level in 2003.

I have spend a lot of time researching and learning by reading everything I could and can put my hands on, magazines, internet, books, you name it, I read it. After many sleepless nights and sleepy mornings I feel I finally know a lot about nutrition and exercise, but yet always keep on learning more and expending my knowledge. I am currently perusing fitness modeling, print work and acting, and would love to come across more opportunities for myself as I feel I would be a great representative for the sport that I love. I also love helping others reach their goals and that's why I design Nutritional Programs as well as Exercise Programs to meet different needs of my clients.

I guess you can say I have combined two passions of my life, bodybuilding and helping others, oh yeah and my lovely wife Tracy of course; she is number one over here. I would love to extend a great thank you to Adrian and the crew at the Sci-Fit Nutrition Canada for all their support and help in my quest of reaching my bodybuilding goals. I would also like to thank Will at who has given me and my wife this opportunity to contribute to this great website and be one of the featured athletes. For any kind of help or just to chat I can be ed at [email protected].


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