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We live in a performance-enhanced society. College students take Adderall to score higher on exams. Television personalities inject Botox to improve their ratings. Healthy males use Viagra to improve their sexual performance. Workers consume caffeinated beverages to stay alert. Our society has embraced a variety of technological, medical, and particularly pharmacological means to enhance performance.

But mention performance enhancement in the context of increasing strength, improving muscularity, and reducing bodyfat and you will often be met with disapproval. Muscle and strength apparently make people feel uncomfortable, particularly legislators.

And don?t even think about taking a "supplement" to enhance your physique! The U.S. government has already restricted the sale of ephedrine and ephedra, a very effective fat loss supplement, in dietary supplements.

In January 2005, prohormones and prosteroids will be removed as over-the-counter supplements as well. The prejudice against these products has less to do with their adverse effects but more to do with their association with increased muscle growth and improved athletic performance.

CORE Magazine isn?t afraid of a little muscle growth. We applaud your decision to engage in bodybuilding and/or resistance training to improve your physical appearance or to meet performance goals. In fact, we are determined to provide you with the information necessary to reach your goals.

We?re clearly disappointed that many effective supplements are no longer legally available to us. We feel that adults should have the right to make their own dietary supplement choices. But rather than mourn the removal of these supplements from store shelves, CORE Magazine will focus on what lies ahead for the supplement industry.

We are very fortunate to have Author L. Rea (author of Chemical Muscle Enhancement and Building the Perfect Beast) write a monthly column for CORE. Mr. Rea is one of the leading innovators in the industry and will answer your questions on the technical and practical aspects of supplementation in bodybuilding and sports.

We agree that supplements have a clear and necessary role in sports nutrition. But we feel most publications overemphasize the importance of supplements. CORE does not plan on making this mistake. The majority of our content will focus on training and nutrition. These are, without a doubt, the most important tools for performance enhancement. Proper application can lead to dramatic muscle growth and an improved physique. And guess what? There is nothing the government can do about them!

Take a look at the inaugural issue of CORE Magazine, we have articles by several top minds, such as:

  • Don Alessi
  • Author L. Rea
  • Bryan Haycock
  • Lori Incledon
  • Dave Douglas
  • Scott Mendelson
  • Lyle McDonald
  • Matt Reynolds
  • Dennis Weis
  • Brian Cunningham
  • Clarityandfocus

Please read and re-read these articles. We know you will find these articles informative, useful and inspiring.

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Publisher: Applied Lifescience Research Industries, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief: Millard Baker
Graphic Artists: Andy Atkins
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June Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

The month of June is another busy month as we try to keep up with all of the things going on with ephedra among others. In this issue we will hear more from the editor, Author, information on Gynecomastia, protein, The Carbohydrate Manifesto, and more info for battle of the boards. In the 'letter from the editor' another turn is taken with regard to freedom and control in the supplement industry.

Also... Imagine that- fat burning ice cream. Well, its not out yet, but there is a recipe in this months issue that will satisfy that craving for ice cream and still help burn fat (more later). Sometimes it seems the whole world it against us.

This and much more...

We also would like to point out that the 'Battle Of The Boards' contest is still underway for those interested in possibly winning a trip to Hawaii. To learn more about this go to: Battle Of The Boards: Get Lei'ed In Hawaii On ALRI!.

May Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

This month the articles we have for you, again, cover many different topics. Some of these articles should catch your attention right away as they have to do with how your government is handling issues regarding supplements. And of course many regarding Q & A's and training methods.

We also would like to point out that this month there is a contest for those interested in possibly winning a trip to Hawaii. To learn more about this go to: Battle Of The Boards: Get Lei'ed In Hawaii On ALRI!.

April Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

We have several different topics again, ranging from the war on drugs to methods in training and recovery. Keep coming back because the articles never get old and always include fresh ideas and stories.

Two of the most critical factors bodybuilders are concerned about when coming off a steroid or prohormone (PH) cycle is keeping the muscle gains they made on the cycle and recovering their natural testosterone levels. Indeed, recovery is perhaps the critical factor in keeping gains. Read on to learn about this and more in the April Issue of The Core.

March Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

This month has been extremely busy as well as productive. We have several different topics being covered ranging from improper dieting to steroid stacks.

If you find yourself in a rut and maybe hitting a plateau, then read on below. There are some great training splits, recovery tips, and last but certainly not least nutrition with recipes, tips, and reviews.

Without good nutrition all of the training and supplements in the world will not help you. See how one person's diet could have been a one way road to the hospital or worse.

February Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

Of course we brought you lots of cutting edge training and supplementation information again this month, but we also wanted to share some insights into what makes the fitness industry tick...

So there you are at your all time leanest, pumped up, dry as a dinosaur fart and best condition ever waiting to get on stage...but the promoters have decided to run you a little several hours! Read what happened at the California Excalibur and why so many competitors and audience members left before the show was over.

We also completed our Interview with Eric Serrano, M.D. who has given up the info on several areas of human performance including a few secrets of perfection for dietary intake post work-out to maximize recovery.

January Core Training Article Table Of Contents. Many do not realize that the body grows through the need to adapt. This means new ways or stimulus are needed that replace those that the body has long since adjusted to. Of course higher intensity training also means greater needs for antioxidants to destroy free radicals.

In the inaugural December 2004 issue of Core Performance Magazine we are proud to bring you a variety of new training ideas to help you move heavier weights and grow more lean mass than ever before. We also share some much needed insights in common errors suffered from incorrect ideas such instinctive training.


  • June Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

    The month of June is another busy month as we try to keep up with all of the things going on with ephedra among others.

  • HPTA Supraphysiological Overcompensation: The Holy Grail Of Optimized Natural Human Performance

    The first and most important How-to answer in the optimization of human performance begins with HPTA Supraphysiological Overcompensation. Learn more...

  • Gynecomastia-Male Breast Development

    The treatment of gynecomastia has become a specific interest of mine due to all the bodybuilders I treat. Find out what it is and how to prevent it...

  • Ask Author L. Rea - June 2005.

    Check out these frequently asked questions from readers all over the world!

  • Letter From The Editor!

    CORE is a collaboration of articles from a variety of writers helping you with physique and performance excellence.

  • USFA Update: June 1, 2005.

    CORE is a collaboration of articles from a variety of writers helping you with physique and performance excellence.

  • SunTan Science: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

    Tan skin accentuates the physique, highlighting lines and definition. Unfortunately the sun will also hasten damage to the skin. This article will show you that there is a way to get that sexy tan (plus all the health benefits) and minimize the damage.

  • Site Specific Androgen Receptor Modulation - Get Big, Stay Big!

    Recently many readers have been writing in asking questions about how to use one of the hottest new supplements to hit the market - ATD. If you would like to learn more regarding this please continue reading.

  • Radio Silence: The Media's Response To Steroid Testing!

    It was just as the baseball media feared. Just before Opening Day, rumors started to circulate at the upper levels that the new drug testing policy had netted its first victim. Read on to fill your curiosity.

  • Recuperation Methods For The Advanced Strength Athlete: Part 2.

    Recuperation or recovery can be split in to several sub-categories. Russian sports scientists have long classified recuperation as being either pedagogical, medico-biological, or psychological. Read below for more details.

  • Battle Of The Boards: Get Lei'ed In Hawaii On ALRI!

    ARLI has always believed in helping real people achieve real results. Well now we are. With Battle of the Boards we will have great prizes for people who enter and donations for a good cause. Read below to learn more about this great contest.

  • Letter From The Editor And Responses About Ephedra And Easter Seals!

    Unfortunately the safety profile of a substance (such as prohormones and Ephedra) is less important to our government than political agenda. Here we are shown how hypocritical our government can be. The concern here is how OTC medication seems ignored.

  • AMPk: Master Metabolic Regulator.

    The molecule I want to talk about is called AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPk for short, a compound that is turning out to be one of the major metabolic regulators in the liver, skeletal muscle, fatty acids, and the brain.

  • An Interview With Mavis Tozzi.

    Since they first came out it seems we get more letters every day asking who that beautiful lady is in the ALRI XXX Rush ads. Many in the fitness and physique industry already know her as Mavis Tozzi.

  • Double Session Burst Training!

    Double session burst training is an extreme, 6 week-blitz, geared to diametrically increase muscle mass while shedding body fat. Like most great things, this type of training will require dedication. Read below if you are not frail of heart.

  • April Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

    CORE is a collaboration of articles from a variety of writers helping you with physique and performance excellence.

  • Pro-Style Mass Methods!

    If you've ever wondered why they get so big so fast, while you have trouble building few measly pounds of muscle a year, you'll soon see that what we've found is a big piece of the puzzle. Read on to get the details.

  • Soy Protein Sucks!

    As of late, it seems that I have been getting more and more questions about soy protein and my reasons for suggesting that athletes, and especially male athletes, avoid it like a bad blind date. I would like to offer some insights to this evil...

  • Living With Obesity At 700 Calories Per Day!

    Consider a common female client. She's a woman about 5'5 and 185 pounds. A combination of a mostly sedentary lifestyle, quick-fix, processed foods and consistent excessively low calories.

  • The 10 Minute High-Protein Meal!

    Steve Tower Henneberry, a star on the former American Gladiators television program, goes for peak performance in the kitchen by preparing what he calls One-Step High-Protein Meals. See below for one such meal!