Gym Of The Month


We spend a lot of time at showcasing the best athletes, trainers, training programs, nutritional plans, motivators and all you could ever know about correct supplementation. But none of it is worth a hoot if you don't train, and having a great place to work out greatly increases your chance to succeed. To highlight gyms that are great places to work out we're going to award one gym a month our Gym of the Month Award.

So unless you're the super disciplined home gym type, we hope you're looking for the same things we are in a great gym; friendly knowledgeable staff, lots of free weights, the right type of machines, and a motivating environment where serious training is taking place at a price you can afford.

If you know of another gym that stands out as supporting our sport and providing an atmosphere that encourages clients of all ability levels to reach their goals please send me an email at [email protected] so that we can showcase the hard work our gym owners and managers do to provide us a great place to train.


  • Gyms Of The Month: All The World's A Weight Room

    If you believe all gyms look alike these days, think again. From Broadway to Uganda, these three gyms represent the diversity of the fitness world.

  • Gyms Of The Month!

    You need to exercise, but you aren't even sure where to begin. These three gyms change lives, and each is very different. Get fit!

  • Gym Of The Month: Gym State Strength And Conditioning

    There is a difference between throwing dumbbells for show and dropping and 600-pound deadlift. Gym State members get the difference.

  • Gym Of The Month: Axiom - Boise

    When Axiom hit the training scene in Boise's Treasure Valley a few years ago, one of America's fittest cities got even fitter with their help. Here's how they did it.

  • Gym Of The Month: Los Campeones Gym

    When Benjamin took over this gym it was out of date on the gym floor and the back end. Modern technology and new equipment brought Los Campeones into the 21st century.

  • Gym Of The Month: Fitlife Performance Training

    Like many homegrown gyms, Fitlife started because two guys dreamed of building a monument to muscle and athleticism.

  • Gym Of The Month: Big Tex Gym

    This gym has a separate room for powerlifters so they can go nuts without being bothered. Choose your own tunes, and get ripped!

  • Gym Of The Month: The Chamber Sports Training, Fitness, And Therapy Facility

    Chris Chambers wanted to prepare for a second career after football, and with the help of Andrew Hanley, he got his wish. Enter his Chamber!

  • Gym Of The Month: Gridiron Training

    Even the gym scene can sometimes get tainted by a weakness. Gridiron Training is the cure.

  • Gym Of The Month: Slash Fitness

    Business is more complicated than fitness. Gains are not always predicated on hard work. When the two come together correctly, you get the best result possible: success.

  • Gym Of The Month: Pound 4 Pound Fitness

    The gyms of America need a status update. Active programs for children will help the nation return to good health. Try speed, try strength; be better, pound for pound.

  • Gym Of The Month: Firehouse Fitness

    They built a gym out of an abandoned firehouse. Instead of putting out fires, they will light them inside you.

  • Gym Of The Month: Metroflex Gym Long Beach

    There is no plasma TV, no cushy seats, no elevator music. This is a gym made of sledgehammers and iron. Come here to work.

  • Gym Of The Month: MMAXOUT

    Bruce Drogo was looking for a way to mix martial arts and fitness. The result was a unique training variation that allowed his idea to thrive.

  • Gym Of The Month: The Institute Of Sport Science & Athletic Conditioning

    Las Vegas can be a crazy town, but its best training centers preach technique rooted in science and logic. This gym will help you take any sport to the next level!

  • Gym Of The Month: Metroflex Gym Of Plano Texas

    Bright lights, big city, and an outdoor patio? Huge dudes, heavy iron, and equipment galore? This place has it all!

  • Gym Of The Month: Level 7 Fitness

    Some gyms boast 24-hour status and others sing about their trainers, Level 7 Fitness simply states: We have everything.

  • Gym Of The Month: TITLE Boxing Club Uptown

    The ring is the thing at this Dallas hotspot, where you can get the benefits of boxing without getting hit!

  • Gym Of The Month: The HUB Gym

    Some gyms exist within communities, but only a special few become the HUB of a city!

  • Gym Of The Month: UFC Gym Torrance

    Submission is tactical in the UFC, but quitting is never an option. Members of the Torrance, California, UFC Gym don't know how to quit. Scope this incredible location!