Hobart Swan


Prior to joining WeMotivate Media as a senior content editor, Hobart Swan produced health content for CBS Radio. He was also a health-content specialist at Healthwise, the nation’s largest patient-centered healthcare-information publisher.


  • Iron And Ink: The Forging Of Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

    From a young age, Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., knew where he was headed. All it took was the passion and perseverance to make his multifaceted bodybuilding career take off.

  • How Sitting Too Long In One Spot Can Literally Kill You

    According to a new study, it doesn't matter whether you're overweight and never exercise or have 4-percent body fat and train seven days a week: We are all susceptible to deadly venous thromboembolism when we veg out for too long.

  • Why You Should Listen To Music While Working Out

    Researchers at Texas Tech confirm something runners and gym-goers have suspected for years: Listening to music during cardio can improve your endurance.

  • 11 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked!

    Are high-protein diets and creatine bad for you? What really causes muscle soreness? Is there such a thing as the "anabolic window?" Get the low down on some of the more common misconceptions about getting fit.

  • Beachside Shoulder-Smoker Workout

    Why did Abel Albonetti fly 8,200 miles last December? To get in a killer shoulder workout on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

  • Build A Bigger Back With Jesse Norris And KC Mitchell

    Put two crazy-strong guys in a gym, surround them with iron and cable stacks, and shit's gonna happen. Especially when those two guys are Jesse Norris and KC Mitchell, and it's back day. Do their workout, steal their tips, and get mile wide!

  • Low-Carb Vs Low-Fat Diets: The Final Answer

    If you want to lose weight, is it better to cut out bread, pasta, and fruit? Or should you toss the avocadoes, nuts, and cheese? Results from a year-long study of more than 600 people has a surprising answer!

  • The 15-Minute, 3-Move Workout For Bigger Triceps

    Pro bodybuilder Jason Poston wants huge triceps, but he doesn't want to slave for hours in the gym building them. Learn the technique that enables him to hammer his horseshoes quickly yet effectively.

  • The Spark: Chris Gromis

    The slide from healthy young man to out-of-shape adult was long and painful. Finally, when his doctor and wife both called him out on his health, Chris Gromis knew it was time to change.

  • 12-Move Upper-Body Workout For Women

    There is lifting for sheer power, and there is lifting with finesse. Sarah Hunsberger offers up this upper-body workout (minus back) that's more about focus than sheer force.

  • The Spark: Megghan Shroyer

    A medical condition forced Megghan Shroyer to make major changes in her life. She's a different person now, and she's not looking back.

  • 30-Minute Kick-Ass Arm Workout

    Do this workout from Courtney Gardner once a week or whenever you don't have a lot of time. It'll keep your arms strong, sculpted, and sexy!

  • The Next Generation Of Fitness Apps Is Heading Your Way. Fast!

    Once, fitness devices did no more than capture various metrics like heart rate and steps taken. A new generation is combining sensors, devices, and software to move from fitness tracking to fitness teaching.

  • Leg-Day Workout For Aspiring Powerlifters

    Powerlifting is a full-body pursuit, but critical to success is a pair of very powerful legs. Follow along with Natasha Aughey as she slowly moves one hell of a lot of weight.

  • The Spark: Peter Georgopolous

    Peter Georgopolous's own weight problems didn't seem to bother him enough to spur a change. Then, his son started heading in the same direction, and it was time to step up and become a better role model.

  • Instagram Star Jen Selter Deplaned For Attempted Sarcasm

    Despite the social media uproar that follows every time, an airline has once again removed a passenger from an airplane for only the thinnest of pretexts. This time, they picked on someone with 11.5 million social media followers. Bad idea.

  • The Easiest, Best-Tasting Way To Prep Protein

    You've tried grilling, roasting, broiling, barbecuing, and stir-frying your food. All too often, your protein comes out underdone or overcooked. This simple method will give you perfectly cooked meat every single time.

  • No-Mercy Shoulder-Pump Workout

    It's been said that Cassandra Martin is a beauty who trains like a beast. Yup. Get ready for a non-stop, front-to-back shoulder workout that'll run you ragged.

  • The Spark: Sharon Wigger

    Sharon Wigger has faced teenage motherhood, comfort eating, family tragedy, and humiliation, yet still found a way to triumph. Now, she's ready to help others do the same.

  • Evan Centopani's Big Lifts, Big Back Routine

    When a pro's workout contains only five exercises in it—and four of them are supersetted—you can pretty much count on getting your ass handed to you. Centopani does not disappoint.