Hobart Swan


Prior to joining Jyoto.info as a senior content editor, Hobart Swan produced health content for CBS Radio. He was also a health-content specialist at Healthwise, the nation’s largest patient-centered healthcare-information publisher.


  • Julian Smith's 5 Signature Moves for a Crowded Gym

    By learning these five variations on exercise mainstays, you'll stimulate your muscles in new ways and have more choices when there's lots of competition for equipment.

  • The Meanest Mean-Ass Arm Workout Yet From Abel Albonetti

    Yep, that's right: Double mean. Between the volume, the supersets, the dropsets, and the BFR, Albonetti's latest arm workout will have you skipping the silverware and eating your meals right off the plate.

  • Pizza And Cocaine? They're The Same To Your Brain

    If you sometimes feel powerless to resist that cheeseburger or jelly donut, it's not because you're weak. Human evolution has wired you to lose control when it comes to certain combinations of nutrients.

  • The Extreme Workout That Will Carve Out Your Quads

    Abel Albonetti is at it again, thrashing his quads this time in his relentless quest for the ultimate functional physique. Bring a wheelchair to the gym with you. You're going to need it when you leave.

  • Conventional vs. Sumo: What's the Best Way to Deadlift?

    The deadlift is a classic muscle builder, but how best to perform it? Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., breaks down two versions and shows you how to do them correctly, how they're different, and when to practice one instead of the other.

  • Chinese Bodybuilding Comes of Age

    What happens when you mix the martial arts finesse of Lee Jun Fan (aka Bruce Lee) with the brute strength of Phil Heath? No one knows yet, but if interest in bodybuilding continues at its current pace, the world may soon find out.

  • Home Food Rules Have A Lasting Effect On Teen Nutrition Habits, Says A New Study

    Parents! Do you encourage your kids to eat healthy meals at home, but wonder if they make good choices when they're on their own? If so, a new study should give you hope.

  • Lifting Weights Can Help Alleviate Depression, A New Study Says

    An international team of researchers found that resistance exercise works just as well as cardio to treat depression. If you, or someone you know, is feeling down, find a workout program and get your pump on.

  • Lawrence Ballenger's Monster Chest Workout

    Six moves in a row will pummel your pecs like Floyd Mayweather did to McGregor in the ninth. No let up, just a barrage of beatdowns until your chest begs for a TKO.

  • The Surprising Way Exercise Helps Your Heart

    We all know that exercise is important to keep your ticker ticking and prevent cardiovascular disease, but research shows that staying active can do a whole lot more than that!

  • Attack of the Killer Lettuce: 5 Defensive Tactics

    If you've been reading the news, you may find yourself eyeing the greens section of your grocery store with suspicion. Follow these simple steps to keep your greens safe for consumption.

  • Feed The Animal: How To Maximize Your Digestion

    In your quest to get big, don't overlook the importance of digestion. Listen in as two of the most health-conscious athletes in the sport, Evan Centopani and John Jewett, discuss their favorite digestive aids.

  • Caffeine: Your Best Fitness Friend Or Your Secret Enemy?

    Why is it that some people can take their pre-workout and rep out like a champ, while others can have the same shake and not feel any buzz at all? The answer may lie deep within your DNA.

  • Love Smoked Meats But Hate Cancer?

    Researchers have come up with novel ways to reduce the harmful compounds that form when you grill meats or use smoke to cure them. For barbecue fans, this might be a dream come true!

  • The Passing Of "Big Cat" Van Mol

    Peter van Mol was the second official member of the Jyoto.info online community (the first was the company's founder). Jyoto.info takes a moment to recognize van Mol's passing at age 37.

  • Max-Pump Arm Growth Workout

    Jyoto.info 2018 spokesmodel search winner Kyler Jackson introduces you to a new world of biceps and triceps pain. This is the kind of high-volume, whole-arm pump that paves the way for big gains.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: RedCon1

    RedCon1 is all about getting people ready for battle! With a hard-charging suite of supplements and a CEO who's been around the bodybuilding block, this is one company with big plans for the future.

  • The One Factor That, Quite Frankly, Is Make-Or-Break For Gym Success

    Research shows that you can add more muscle and lose more fat when you have a structured exercise plan. If you don't have one, you need to get one!

  • Abel Albonetti's Killer Upper-Chest Workout 

    Prepare to stretch and squeeze your pecs into submission with this eight-exercise workout that'll have you lying on the floor with your face in a puddle of drool. Feels so good...when it's over!

  • Tony Sentmanat And Branch Warren's Texas Leg Thrash

    Two massive dudes load up the plates and see if they can demolish their legs. If you want even a taste of what that's like, try their workout. Maybe you'll survive it.