Mark McManus


Hailing from Ireland, Mark is a 27-year-old muscle & nutrition enthusiast who has spent years in independent research finding the most effective strategies for physical excellence.

Mark has been working out for about 7 years and in late 2007 started a bodybuilding blog - . Mark's goal for the website is to provide free, no-nonsense articles to help people sidestep the mistakes he made and radically change their bodies in the fastest, most efficient way it is naturally possible.

With these articles, Mark will help you build muscle & lose fat with an effective free workout plan and bodybuilding diet.

He is the author of 'Total Six Pack Abs', a great system for burning fat & sculpting chiseled abs!

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    Years Training - 7
    Favorite Body Part - Chest
    Favorite Body Part To Train - Biceps
    Favorite Music - Anything Heavy for working out to
    Likes - Open-mindedness, Experimenting in the kitchen, Playing with his daughter
    Dislikes - Cardio (but sometimes it's got to be done), dishonesty, 'health' food that isn't healthy