Mercedes Khani


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands), and her family being Persian and living in Miami, Florida for two years now, it's safe to say that the 22-year-old Mercedes is an international girl. She speaks three different languages fluently (and two other languages partially) and has travelled the world.

By the age of 20, Mercedes decided to travel to other parts of the world than just Asia and Europe. As she felt attracted to the United Stated, she came here by herself for the first time and travelled to every corner of the U.S. to explore. She decided to settle in the Sunshine State, Florida, in Miami Beach.

This is where Mercedes found her motivation to start lifting and to train for her first competition. Little did she know, that four months later she would end up winning her first fitness show, and placing second in the Nationals three weeks after that - with many other successes to follow soon after she had started.

Mercedes became popular as an international fitness model and figure competitor in her several shows, in fitness and mainstream magazines (including covers and centerfolds), and on the World Wide Web.

Two years after she started competing in fitness and figure shows (Mercedes chose to stay in figure) and as time goes by, the level of competition elevates and Mercedes loves the challenge! "If she would give her absolute best, how far could she go?" This is the question that intrigues her, and Mercedes intends to keep improving and keep going on to find the answer.

Most of all, she loves to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. She loves to look great and to improve herself even more, and finds it educating to train herself on discipline and perseverance to achieve her goals, which are good talents to have in all aspects of life.

Fitness is a lifestyle that gives back so much energy, joy and health in everyone's life. For Mercedes, this is just the beginning...

Name: Mercedes Khani
Birthdate: February 2nd, 1984
Height: 5' 5½"
Competition Weight: 118 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 126 lbs
Measurements: 34"-25"-35"
Occupation: International Fitness Model, IFBB Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer
Education: High school HAVO level (means higher level, European system)
      Psychology 1 year various classes
      Tourism 3 months various classes
      Commercial Economics 3 months various classes
      AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
Health Profile:
MySpace Profile:
Email: [email protected]

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Winner, -
Hawaiian Tropic Pageant - Winner South California 2004 - Hawaiian Tropic Co.


May 2006 - NP, IFBB European Championships in Viterbo, Italy - Figure
April 2006 – 2nd place NBBF/IFBB Dutch Championships (Nationals) - Fitness
May 2005 - 13th place IFBB European Championships in Yalta, Ukraine - Figure
April 2005 – 2nd place NBBF/IFBB Dutch Championships (Nationals) - Fitness
March 2005 - 1st place NBBF/IFBB Open Eemsmond Cup (Emerald Cup) – Fitness

Modeling, Magazines, Appearances:

Magazine Covers:
- Sport and Fitness Magazine (Holland and Belgium)

Special Features:
- Panorama Magazine (Holland and Belgium) - 4 page spread, interview and centrefold poster
- Female Magazine (Holland) - Star and Looks

(Multiple/Monthly) Appearances:
- Flex Magazine (Holland and Belgium)
- Female Magazine (Holland and Belgium)
- Sport and Fitness Magazine (Holland and Belgium)
- NPC Magazine (GB)


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