Supplement Company Of The Month


The bodybuilding industry is full of intelligent, hard working people that sometimes aren't as well known as Bill Phillips of EAS or Joe Weider. These people are helping to make bodybuilding more fun and more productive for all the millions of gym rats out there. We want to find these people and let the world know about them and what they are up to. is proud to introduce this new section to its bodybuilding website with an up close and personal behind the scenes look at the bodybuilding industries leading companies.


  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Grenade

    Meet the company that's been taking the U.K. and international markets by storm throughout the last decade. It's official: Grenade has blown up!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: GAT

    The best supplement companies are built to last. GAT has been around for nearly two decades, helping a wide range of athletes achieve what once seemed unimaginable. Here's their story!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Vega

    Vegan and vegetarian athletes can attest that a little high-quality supplementation makes a huge difference. Here's the story of plant-based powerhouse Vega, from its co-founder and several top athletes who choose to eat the vegan way!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: NLA For Her

    NLA for Her arrived in 2013 to meet a pressing need among fit-minded women. It has rapidly become a favorite for both noncompetitive lifting ladies and top-notch figure, fitness, and bikini pros!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: True Grit

    True Grit is built around simple ideas: transparency, quality, and science-backed dosage. Trust your supps, and you can focus squarely on building your grit in the gym! Here's this breakout brand's story.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Prime Nutrition

    Prime Nutrition may not be the biggest or the oldest company in the supplement business, but they're here to stay! CEO Aaron Singerman and athlete John Meadows explain the driving force behind the company's inception and top products.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: ISatori

    Stephen Adelé and CT Fletcher have both seen it all in their long careers. When they teamed up under the iSatori banner, weakness didn't stand a chance! Here's how the inventor and manufacturer of Bio-Gro is growing strong!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Athletic Edge

    Athletic Edge was a pioneer of intra-workout performance nutrition, and its future looks just as bright. This company is committed to bringing research-powered performance to the masses!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: IForce Nutrition

    If you want to compete in something—anything!—iForce wants to be with you. This company has made its name helping athletes prepare for the rigors of organized competition, and making sure they look as strong as they perform along the way!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Twinlab

    Twinlab dates back to the dawn of modern bodybuilding, but it has stayed true to its twin priorities of health and performance. Here's its story!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Beast Sports Nutrition

    What separates man from beast? Intensity, dedication, and some long years spent learning hard lessons in the wild. Beast Sports Nutrition has survived for well over a decade, and now it's ready to stake its claim at the top of the food chain!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: ProSupps

    With the right people to power it, ProSupps has surged into the marketplace. Are you a Jekyll or a Hyde? They have the pre-workout for both the man and the monster!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Labrada Nutrition

    Labrada Nutrition was built on Lee's back, but grew into a giant because of trusted products. See what's next for this industry stalwart!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Nutrex Nutrition

    Its fat burners made Nutrex famous, but its organization has helped it expand across the fitness universe. How far can this company go?

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: RSP Nutrition

    No matter your sport, specialty, or activity, you want to be a winner. To win you must perform. That is the driving force behind RSP Nutrition.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Dymatize Nutrition

    Dymatize is a giant of the supplement world. Its products cover spectrum of customer needs and get tested like no other. If you have a goal, Dymatize can help you achieve it.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Image Sports

    The most important thing about any supplement is whether or not it is effective. IMAGE Sports is growing up fast because of its supreme focus on efficacy.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: Gaspari Nutrition

    Rich Gaspari will go down as one of the most recognizable physiques of all time, but his legacy didn't end on the stage. He went on to built a supplement empire.

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements And Nutrition)

    It's tough trusting new friends, but when they shake your hand and stand by their word, they earn your trust. BSN is a growing giant!

  • Supplement Company Of The Month: ProMera

    Creatine is creatine, right? Don't tell that to the fans of CON-CRĒT,'s best-selling muscle-builder. ProMera Sports hit a home run with its unique concentrated creatine hydrochloride, but it's not about to rest on its laurels!