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Whether it's a front-row seat to an elite powerlifting competition, a good-natured rivalry between workout styles, or professional muscle-building tips from leaders in the fitness industry, this year's top live stream videos are as entertaining as they are informative.

Whatever brings you to our channel, you're sure to learn something. Here are the live stream video winners of 2018.

Winner: Mark Bell SuperTraining Classic Push-Pull Powerlifting Meet

Considering some of the big names featured in this unique powerlifting live stream marathon—Mark Bell, Brian Shaw, Stan Efferding, Jen Widerstrom, Furious Pete, and even Mobility WOD creator Kelly Starrett—it's no wonder this 5-hour coverage of the SuperTraining Classic pushed its way to the top of our list.

This strictly push-pull contest requires all contestants to wear Mark Bell's Sling Shot when they bench press, reinforcing ideal form and, sure, making them a little stronger in the process.

Using this device, Mark Bell and his fellow athletes put up some seriously impressive numbers on the bench in the first half, while 6-foot-8 Brian Shaw pulls over 400 kilograms off the floor to dominate the deadlift. This live stream captures all the action, giving you an exclusive front-row seat to marvel at some of the biggest names in strength sports.


CrossFitter Learns to Pose Like a Bodybuilder

The rivalry between CrossFit and bodybuilding plays out here more lightheartedly than in the YouTube comments, as NPC Physique Pro Andy Swanson demonstrates proper bodybuilding posing to CrossFit competitor Cassie Smith. These two had a lot of fun bantering back and forth while working their way through the mandatory physique quarter turns at headquarters.

"It takes a lot of balls to get onstage and have people judge you from 360 degrees," she admits in the video. "It's hard. Bodybuilding is hard."

Score one point for bodybuilding!

Big Chest Routine: Flex Friday With Trainer Mike

Dymatize-sponsored athlete and certified personal trainer Mike Hildebrandt, aka "Trainer Mike," is a fixture in the live stream lineup, and his live big chest routine earned a coveted spot in this year's top Facebook live videos. Starting with a flat dumbbell press descending pyramid and ending with back-to-back supersets to failure, Hildebrandt works his way through this killer chest workout and still maintains enough breath to answer viewer questions and offer plenty of his best tips to help you build your physique.

Jim Stoppani Live Workout

In this power-focused, full-body workout, Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., creator of Shortcut to Size and Jym Supplement Science, takes you through nine exercises, starting with jump squats and ending with bent-over rows, to demonstrate the proper way to develop explosive power and strength. This unique and athletic workout may not give you that skin-tearing pump of some Stoppani workouts, but it'll definitely boost strength, power, and performance. Give it a shot.

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