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Road To The 2008 Olympia - Coverage!

The 2008 Olympia Weekend is rapidly approaching and will be covering the event like no other site. Here are a few of the things that are planned.

The 2008 Olympia Weekend is rapidly approaching and will be covering the event like no other site. Here are a few of the things that are planned.

Road To The Olympia:

You asked for it and it's back by popular demand. No one knows pro bodybuilding like Bob Cicherillo and he is back with in-depth interviews and training videos with many of the athletes.

Watch as they go through their final preparations on their Road to the Olympia. Be inspired by the grueling workouts you'll see. You'll pick up new training tips and techniques and learn more about the diet and supplementation habits of the pros.


Find out what makes these guys tick and how they train, eat and prepare for the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. IFBB Pro interviews are one of our most viewed areas of our site and we're going to give you even more of what you want.

We can't predict what these guys say when they've been on low carbs for months at a time, but our writers are more than willing to capture what the pros might be talking trash about the "ankle biters."

Check Out The 2007 Olympia Previews/Interviews Main Page.


Will win number three? Is gonna jump in at the last minute and give it a run? Will the blow down Cutler's house? Could win it all in his first attempt?

There's nothing like pregame analysis and we'll let you know who is competing and how we think the best bodybuilders in the world will stack up.

We'll give you competitor backgrounds and physique assessments and give you our predictions. See who the staff thinks will make the top five and compare your own predictions with theirs. Visit the and share with others around the world how you think the competitors will place.

The Final Days:

Who's in shape and dialing it in? We'll let you know by tracking down the competitors in their hotel rooms the last two days and we'll talk with them and actually give you sneak previews of what their conditioning looks like. See for yourself who's ready and who's not. In between coats of Pro Tan, we'll have our cameras going and we'll get the inside scoop on the final details of contest prep.

Cameras Everywhere!

IFBB Pros, NPC athletes, and industry experts will be congregating at the Olympia Expo. Many of these athletes will be stopping by our booth to share training and diet tips, give their opinions on the weekend events and update us on what's going on in their lives. In addition to broadcasting from our very own booth, we'll be traveling from booth to booth at the rest of the Expo to find out who's hanging out in Vegas this year.

Last year you might recall some of the roaming interviews we conducted. (Remember last year's interview with Milos at the Expo when he was criticizing the judging that occurred on Friday night?) We'll bring you more of the same and find out what's going on in the industry.

We'll also have cameras backstage conducting interviews with the competitors when they're pumping and oiling up. We'll also be talking to the competitors immediately when they leave the stage from the judging and after they have received their final placements.

Live Coverage:

The deal is signed. The webcast is a go! will again be bringing you the live webcast of the Mr. Olympia Finals. They will have writers at the event giving you the inside scoop on judging and what goes on backstage. Check out the for up-to-date commentaries. If you can't be in Vegas, they will do their best to make you feel like you're there.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Every fan has their favorite competitor and wants their guy to win. If you noticed last year, the judges' decisions weren't popular with many of the fans. The fans had a completely different view of the results. Whatever the judges might say this year, you still have an opportunity to make your voice heard by voting in the online Fans Choice Award.

You like over ? Vote for him! Do you think should win on his first attempt at the Mr. Olympia title? Vote for him! Maybe you like or . It's your opportunity to let your opinion count and it's only one click to vote!


After the chips fall, the dust settles, and the webcasts are replayed, read the many reviews on what went down. After that, spend as much time as you like discussing the outcome on the . Last year the forums were hot and I predict they'll be on fire this year too. will be adding new content on a daily basis so stop by often as they all prepare for the biggest event in the bodybuilding world this year!

Online Community:

Let's face it. Most of our friends, co-workers and relatives really have no clue which athletes are competing in this year's Mr. Olympia. It's difficult to carry on a discussion about the frontrunners because they don't understand the sport and if you mention , they think you're talking about a quarterback in the NFL.

That's why you need to contribute to our . You can discuss important topics like lower back and Jay Cutler's lack of vascularity with people who know (and actually care) what you're talking about! Do you think you're an expert and know the order of the final placements?

Let's see how good your crystal ball is and share your revelations with the rest of us! Type all you want, we've got plenty of space!

We'll Be Ready!

We'll be adding new content on a daily basis, so stop by often as we all prepare for the biggest event in the bodybuilding world this year. We'll be ready for you!

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