8 Work From Health's Best

Health is home to an incredible array of athletes, fitness models, and ripped weekend warriors. Here are 8 workouts from some of Health's most popular users!

Health is the world's largest social fitness network. On it, you'll find regular people who have changed their lives, the industry's top experts, and even your favorite physique competitors. Each of them is ready, willing, and able to help you reach your goals and become your best self. Everyone you want to connect with is eager to help you build your dream physique.

The following nine athletes and fitness enthusiasts have gathered some of their favorite workouts for your use. They're here to share their favorite training sessions, tips, and tricks so you can take them to the gym, take advantage, and mold them into your own program.

The information and motivation they so readily share is just a tiny taste of the information you can find on Health!

Chad Shaw, thenaturalone

Chad has been a Health member since March 2008. Since then, he's built a huge following and is one of Health's most inspirational members. Although he has a great overall physique, his arms stand out. Here's how he built them.

Program Notes

Warm-up set 1

Use 50% of your 6-rep maximum. Perform 8-10 reps, but don't go to failure! Your aim here is strictly to warm up the muscles and joints.

Warm- up set 2

Use about 75% of your 6-rep maximum. Perform 4-6 reps. Again, don't work to failure.

Working set

Use 100% of your 6-rep maximum. Push yourself to complete muscle failure. It should take about 3 seconds to complete the positive portion (raising the bar) of each rep and 4 seconds to complete the negative portion (lowering the bar) of each rep. Your sixth rep should be extremely hard to complete.

Once you finish that sixth rep and there is no conceivable way to produce one more full-range repetition, perform three partial repetitions by lowering the bar from the contracted position—only about 3-4 inches—and then going back up into the contracted position.

After finishing your third partial rep, hold the bar into the fully contracted position for as long as you can. Fight the resistance until you're unable to any longer, and then resist the bar as it slowly descends into the starting position. If you feel like you can do another set, then you did it wrong!

Thenaturalone Arms Workout
    2 warm-up sets and 1 working set per exercise.

  • Spider Curl Spider Curl Spider Curl
    1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps, 1 warm-up set of 4-6 reps, 1 working set to failure in 6 reps

  • Use a barbell and the flat, 90-degree side of the preacher bench. Don't go for an EZ bar because it causes the hands to be more pronated, which reduces the contraction of the biceps muscle.

  • Reverse Barbell Preacher Curls Reverse Barbell Preacher Curls Reverse Barbell Preacher Curls
    1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps, 1 warm-up set of 4-6 reps, 1 working set to failure in 6 reps

  • Use the EZ bar for this exercise because your aim here will be to target the brachialis—the top part of the forearm connecting to the biceps—which will push the biceps up to make them appear larger.

  • Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension
    1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps, 1 warm-up set of 4-6 reps, 1 working set to failure in 6 reps

  • Chad likes this exercise because it places constant tension on all three heads of the triceps throughout the entire range of motion.

  • Dips - Triceps Version Dips - Triceps Version Dips - Triceps Version (Weighted)
    1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps, 1 warm-up set of 4-6 reps, 1 working set to failure in 6 reps

  • Before beginning your triceps workout, have your weight harness set and ready to go by the dip station so you can move directly from your set of triceps cable extensions to the weighted dips without rest.

Ed "Popps" Cook, oldsuperman

Popps looks pretty good for 60. Heck, who are we kidding? There are guys a third his age who would love to look like him. He first joined Health in 2006 and has since become a mainstay in the fitness world. Want to learn how oldsuperman built his powerful pecs? Check this out.

Oldsuperman Chest Workout
Workout Notes
  • After each set, alternate between flexing and stretching.
  • 60-90 sec rest on normal work sets.
  • Stretch muscle before and after workout for 5 minutes.
  • Keep weights heavy.
  • Stay hydrated during workout.

Charlotte Quillen, beautifulgrace

This Kentucky native has been inspiring both ladies and gentlemen since February 2009. She is every bit as strong as she looks, too. If you want to train like her, give this leg day workout a shot. Afterward, you may reconsider trying it again.

Beautifulgrace Legs Workout

Cool down and stretch!

Jeremy Wethall, jwethall

This scientist from Utah has been a Healthr since 2010. His workouts are a little different than you may see in a typical training article. We'll let him share the details.

"My favorite workout program is a marriage between Madcow 5x5 and Jim Wendler's 5-3-1. I work on the same intensity cycle as 5-3-1, but with Madcow lifts and hypertrophy focus on Fridays and Saturdays." The breakdown looks as follows:

Jwethall Total Body Workout

Monday: Chest
Wednesday: Back
Friday: Hypertrophy Day
Saturday: Arms
  • Cardio Cardio Cardio
    I do 2-3 HIIT sessions on off days when I'm trying to lean down.

"The next week, I'd be working up to 90% on the big lifts. The week after, it would be 3 sets total at 75%, 85%, and then 95% 1RM on the big lifts."

July, ffj5701

This young lady has been a part of Health since 2011. She has gained popularity quickly, and it's easy to see why. She has a physique that leaves many people 'mirin. Her back workout shows just how dedicated she is to reaching her goals.

"The goal of this workout is to keep your heart rate up. So, there's no rest. I do zero cardio and am able to gain muscle and stay very lean."

Ff5701's Back Workout

Kristina Olson, kristinaolson

Kristina Olson hasn't been a member for very long—she joined in August, 2013—but she's already made waves as a recent Health Member of the Month. Now, she's looking to obtain IFBB pro status.

Her workouts are unique because she supersets seemingly random muscle groups. Once you try this workout, though, you might have to implement her methodology for yourself.

Kristinaolson Legs/Triceps Workout

Baylee Ann Tiffin, bay121110

This blonde beauty currently calls West Virginia home. A Health member since August 2013, Baylee has just competed in her first show and has already qualified for NPC Nationals later this year. Try her awesome superset full-body blast!

"My all-time favorite workout has to be this full-body superset session. I do it two or three days per week," Baylee says. "Make sure you bring your water bottle to the weight room because there's no time for a casual stroll to the water fountain! For this workout, tempo matters. During squats you'll count to two as you descend, bottom out for one second, and then count to two on your way back to standing."

Bay121110's Full-body Supersets Workout

Ashley Christy, achristy1

Not only does Ashley have an insane physique, she's also one of Health's most athletic members—and she's only 20 years old! A member since April of 2013, Christy is already a hugely inspirational part of the community. Check out this CrossFit-inspired workout. Try it if you dare!

"My trainer made this "every two minute" workout for me and I love it because it works my whole body and requires lots of power and strength. I love going against the clock. The supersets I added to work on form, and muscle-ups are one of my favorite exercises."

Achristy1's CrossFit-style workout

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