What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?

What are your feelings about steroids in sports? The use of steroids in sports has been debated over and over in current news. See how our forum members feel about steroids, policies, removing awards, using them, and more... Read on!

TOPIC: What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?

The Question:

The use of steroids in sports has been debated over and over in current news. It's the headline of any sports talk show.

What are your feelings about steroids in sports?

What do you think about the steroid policies?

Do you believe the athletes using steroids should be discredited for their awards?

Which sports do you think steroids are the biggest concern?

Do you believe the use of steroids in sports, such as boxing, could be dangerous to the opponents?

Bonus Question: As any athlete, have you ever used, or thought about using steroids? Why, or why not?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?

Steroids, also know as juice, gear, and "Roids," has become a widely controversial and problematic subject in the sports industry today. It should come as no surprise that numerous professional and even amateur athletes are using steroids, the stories and articles are all over the news.

Well why do these athletes use steroids? The bottom line is that they do work, whatever an athletes goal. Steroids can greatly increase strength, muscle size, and muscular performance. It also helps a great deal with recovery and stopping muscular breakdown which is why it is popular among some endurance athletes.

However steroids have a catch, sure you might improve in athleticism, but your health will take a turn for the worst. Steroids can cause liver damage, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, depression, and has been linked to cancer and premature death. They can also cause undesirable external changes such as acne, growth of breasts in men, baldness, facial hair in women, and jaundice (Yellowing of skin).

Knowing the athletic enhancing effects, you can understand the great deal of pressure athletes are put under to take steroids. Even at an amateur level people are pressured into taking steroids. My personal view is that steroids should be banned in sporting events since it's not only robbing people of titles, but robbing lives. Others might disagree but this is a subject that is based on opinion.

Taking Steroids Is Cheating:

My personal opinion is that steroids is a form cheating, plain and simple. It wouldn't matter how many athletes in a given sport were taking them.

First of all it is a synthetic substance that boosts athlete's performance. It's not like the athlete is training any harder or doing a more effective training method, but that athlete is improving just because of a drug. You might be saying right now, wait, what about supplements like whey protein and creatine?

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Well there is a big difference between using steroids and legal supplements like whey. Supplements help athlete's performance too, but not to the same degree as steroids. Steroids drastically increase performance which is noticeable in a few weeks.

However just by using supplements someone can't become phenomenal in their sport. That isn't true for steroids. If you had a beginner bodybuilder who took steroids, within a month he could become bigger and stronger than someone who has been lifting hard and natural for a year and taking supplements.

Is this situation fair? The person who has been lifting for a year has been surpassed by some beginner taking "Roids" even though he/she might have been working way harder. The fact is that steroids have the ability to allow low ranked athletes to cheat their way to the top without the athlete doing anything different. Ask yourself the question how would you feel if someone beat you only because they took steroids and not because they were better than you?

If Steroids Were Legalized They Would Ruin Sports:

Imagine for a second if steroids were allowed in all sports and all athletes started to take steroids. And just think about a sport like sprinting where the athletes fight over hundredths of a second to beat each other. These professional sprinters train extremely hard just to get a few hundredths of a second over their competitors.

But now that steroids are legalized, it wouldn't be a competition over who trained harder or who's a better sprinter, it would be over who took the best steroids! It wouldn't be a sporting event anymore; it would be more like a steroid competition to see which country or company made the best steroids.

If Steroids Were Legalized They Would Ruin The Players:

Again if steroids were legalized in sports it would totally ruin the athletes. First of all remember the side effects? People taking steroids are likely to suffer major health problems and as a result many of them either die, get illnesses, or end up with permanent damage.

Can you imagine how many athletes would be out of commission? The sports industry would probably go downhill because so many athletes would be suffering health issues from using steroids. Even at lower levels athletes participating in sports would decline over time because the people using steroids would be suffering from the devastating side effects.

This brings up another issue, if steroids were legalized and many athletes were taking them, the high level of performance could decline because the athletes wouldn't be healthy. Sure at first the level of performance in sports would go up, but years down the road the athletes that have been juicing for a long time will slowly decline in health, thus the performance would dip.

And also if steroids were legalized who would want to idolize and be inspired by sports players anymore? No one wants to idolize a player who relies on drugs to get to where they are, even in the present day athletes who get busted taking drugs are frowned upon and disgraced by their fans and country.

And what inspiration could aspiring athletes draw from these sports figures once steroids are legalized? Usually it would be to train hard and believe in your dreams but now it would be to take steroids to get to the top.

There Is One Exception:

The only exception I see where steroids is necessary to keep the competition and sport going is bodybuilding. It is already too late to stop steroids in bodybuilding, if it was stopped, the sport could go downhill. The reason is that fans go to those competitions to see inhumanly big bodybuilders.

Sure the natural bodybuilders are still pretty big, but isn't it more entertaining to see "Hulk" like monsters walk across the stage? It's like saying wouldn't you rather see someone bench 1000 pounds rather than 500 pounds?

If steroids were banned the bodybuilders who took them would have to stop. Inevitably, all the bodybuilders juicing would become much smaller because they don't have the steroids to support their muscle mass. Fans wouldn't be watching beasts like Ronnie anymore; rather the competition would be filled with guys who are way smaller.

The contests wouldn't be as exciting anymore and the fan base would start to lose interest. That's why steroids are needed to keep the bodybuilding sport alive.

What Do You Think About The Steroid Policies?

Steroid policies are everywhere in sports now because it is a growing problem. Most sport associations such as the Olympics adopt anti-drug policies. Extensive testing is done to ensure that athletes do not take any form of performance enhancing substances, in particular steroids.

I'm personally all for the anti-steroid policies many associations adopt. It makes the competition fair and more fun to watch. I mean say you were watching the Olympics and you were cheering for your home team. If you knew the other team was on steroids would the game be fun to watch anymore? H*ll no.

These policies are also great in encouraging pro athletes and aspiring athletes not to take drugs. It tells them that if you do, you will never become a champion because you will just get tested and caught. This takes the pressure off some athletes to take drugs since they know the Olympics will test for steroids.

Do you believe the athletes using steroids should be discredited for their awards?

YES! Definitely athletes who test positive for steroids should have their awards taken away. You've probably seen it all the time in the Olympics, the champion who tests positive for steroids. How is this fair to the other two athletes who have actually worked hard without using any performance enhancing drugs?

The winner who used steroids probably wouldn't be standing on the podium since steroids gave him/her such an advantage. Plus it's a rule in most sporting associations that steroids are not allowed. By breaking a rule you should automatically be disqualified. Just like if a boxer in Olympic boxing bit a guys ear off, shouldn't he be disqualified?

In individual sports this is easiest to do, since you just take the individuals record and award away and give it to the next ranked athlete, plain and simple.

But what if other team members involved? For example I remember watching the Canadian Roller Hockey team at the Pan Am Games. It was a crazy match between the Canadians and Americans, at first the Americans were up by so many goals, but the Canadians battled back and won.

Pan American (Sports) Games:
Quadrennial sports festival. The games, conceived in 1940 as an event for the nations of the Western Hemisphere, were first held in 1951. Patterned after the Olympic Games and sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, the games are conducted by the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), or Organizaci�'³n Deportiva Panamericana (ODEPA), headquartered in Mexico City. All major international sports and several more specialized events are included in the regular program. They are held the year preceding the Olympics, in various host cities.

It was crazy - the Canadian players were so damn happy and proud and they deserved it. However the goalie on the Canadian team tested positive for steroids. The whole Canadian team had their medals stripped and they were left with nothing. Now again this isn't fair for both sides.

Because the Canadian players except the goalie trained hard and didn't cheat, but so did the Americans and they didn't use steroids. So whom should the medals go to? Should they share the medal, or should they have a rematch, or should the non-steroid team get the medal? It is very controversial.

Again there is only one exception to this which is bodybuilding. Everyone who watches the competitions that aren't "Natural" knows that every single bodybuilder up there is juicing no doubt about it. So it's impossible to discredit the winner because everyone is doing the same thing.

Biggest Concern:
Which sports do you think steroids are the biggest concern?

Sports which require extreme strength exertion are the ones which I feel steroids are the biggest concern. Sports such as gymnastics, powerlifting/Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, track and field, and football. The reason is because steroids give these athletes the greatest benefit out of any sport. I mean honestly how many times have you ever heard of marathon runners or skeet shooters taking steroids?

Steroids rapidly increase size with the right training which is why it is super popular among the muscle seekers and pro bodybuilders. It helps greatly increase strength which is why track athletes use it since you need incredible strength to run 100m in 9-10 seconds and jump godly heights.

The strength increases also help football players burst and push through other players while helping powerlifters/Olympic make lifts that rely on brute strength. It also helps wrestlers and martial artists deliver stronger blows or keep an opponent pinned to the ground.

Contact Sports:
Do you believe the use of steroids in sports, such as boxing, could be dangerous to the opponents?

The answer is yes, steroids are dangerous when used in sports. Everyone knows that steroids greatly increase strength. Think of how much harder boxers' blows would be or think how much harder a football player would crash into another player. It could potentially be devastating. I mean some football players with the help of steroids get weights over 300 pounds. Now imagine a smaller receiver getting crushed by this guy, he could very possible break bones or even be paralyzed.

MMA fighters who delivered way stronger punches could cause increased concussions or even worse an uppercut directly under the nose. Because of the extra strength in the punch the nose bone could potentially go into the brain. And since MMA gloves are smaller they can hit pressure points such as the xiphoid process.

What Is The Xiphoid Process?
The xiphoid process is a small cartilaginous extension to the lower part of the sternum which is usually ossified in the adult human. By age 25 to 29, the xiphoid usually fuses to the body of the sternum with a fibrous joint. Unlike the synovial articulation of major joints, this is non movable.

Much the way the first seven ribs articulate with the sternum, the cartilage in the solar plexus joins on the xiphoid process, reinforcing it, and indirectly attaching the costal cartilage to the sternum.

Pressure on the xiphoid process should be avoided when administering chest compressions in CPR, as this can cause the xiphoid process to break off and be driven into the heart lining and muscle, resulting in punctures or lacerations of the heart muscle.

If this piece of cartilage is broken off it could go into the heart and kill someone. Harder punches due to steroids would be devastating if places like the eye were hit, it could cause blindness.

Bonus Question:
As any athlete, have you ever used, or thought about using steroids? Why, or why not?

I have never used or even thought of using steroids. First of all it is cheating, I mean if I used steroids to become the best at my sport how could I feel good about myself? I would always know that I used drugs to win a tournament, not my hard work. Every time I would look at the award I got from using steroids I would probably feel pathetic and depressed.

Aside from that are the health risks and the undesirable effects that came with it. First of all I don't want to die young or get cancer at my age. Secondly I don't want to go through surgery to get an organ removed because it has been damaged by steroids. I want to actually be healthy through all my years.

I also wouldn't want to have acne all over my face and back again, and I wouldn't want to grow boobs so that every time I took my shirt of people would stare and say "Is that guy on roids?" or "Hey that guy's got moobs (Man boobs hence the word moobs)".

Basically I don't want to look back at my accomplishments and say "I wonder what I could have done without steroids." I don't want to look back and regret that I took steroids; I actually want to be proud of what I have done naturally.

2nd Place - BurningHeart
Steroids in Sports
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What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?

It's pretty much impossible to hear a discussion about sports without the issue of steroids arising these days. As recent Olympic contestants and popular professional athletes are caught or even accused of using anabolic steroids, the public takes more of an interest in this "sub-culture" of sports.

The reason being is because it is just like any juicy piece of gossip and drama you'd hear from the local herald. The problem lies with the fact that most of the media know nothing about steroids or the effects (good and bad) of them. Even some things such as creatine and protein are thought to be steroids by many people.

With that said, in this article I will not say "Steroids are bad" and end it at that. I will discuss the pros and cons of steroids and if they should be allowed in sports.

Part 1 - Feelings About Steroids In Sports:

Different factors have to be considered when steroids are mentioned in sports. For instance, why is there a law banning steroids? I'm sure everyone can agree it is based on 2 main things,

      1. To protect the health of the athletes.
      2. To prevent one athlete from gaining a large advantage over the other.

You must consider that steroids can give athletes greater leverage in sports; however it does not necessarily give them a clear-cut advantage over their opponent(s).

For example, Boxer Bob is fighting Boxer Joe. Boxer Bob does not take anabolic steroids, however Boxer Bob has a big budget from a family fortune. This big budget allows him to buy the best supplements, food, and gym equipment in the world. He also has friends that are sports nutrition scientists, and their cutting edge information on supplements helps him choose the best ones to take.

Then we have Boxer Joe. Boxer Joe is a poor man who cannot afford much. He has no money for supplements and the only food he can afford is Vienna sausage and Ramen noodles twice a day. The only thing Boxer Joe has going for him is a friend who supplies him with steroids for free.

Boxer Bob and Boxer Joe fight, and Boxer Joe gets beat badly. He took steroids, and they did not make him win compared against Boxer Bob's huge budget and genetics. Was the huge budget of Boxer Bob fair to Boxer Joe? You may say of course it was, Boxer Bob stayed within the law. On the flip side, was the steroid leverage that Boxer Joe gained fair to Boxer Bob? You might say no it wasn't, since it was illegal.

If you agree that Boxer Bob should have won because he stayed within the law, you must ask yourself, since when did sports stop being about two athletes or teams competing to see who is superior? Thus how can there be a law saying you cannot take steroids, but you may take anything else to help you compete that may give you any advantage over the other?

If Boxer Joe's budget could not compare to Boxer Bob's, how is Joe ever going to be able to compete with Bob when Bob stays within the law but has access to anything he wants? The only viable solution to this is setting a law on how much money athletes must earn to be able to compete. That would sound pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

So you cannot accurately say that steroids will always make someone win. They give more leverage in someone's favor, but not as much leverage as the best food, supplements, genetics, equipment, and trainers can give. Thus the only law against steroids that is left is the health issue. (Remember the two issues I mentioned above?)

And while I am all for laws against harmful substances to athletes, why is there not a law banning athletes from smoking, drinking heavily, or eating 10 boxes of Swiss Cake Rolls a day?

This is why I think steroids should not be illegal in sports. There are many other advantages that athletes can use to make themselves superior to their opponents, and isn't that what sports are about?

Part 2 - Thoughts On Steroid Policies:

The current steroid policies that are in effect now do not achieve their desired effect. There are many athletes who are being caught using steroids that admittingly have been using them for a while. Or for example Jose Canseco, who wrote a book on athletes who were never caught doing steroids, but according to him have been doing them for a long time.

The policies now consist of mainly just warnings, and fines that do not match up to how much an athlete can make in just a single game. This creates a gap in the competition in which a few players don't use steroids because of the law while many others keep using them because the punishments are small if they get caught.

This is another reason why steroids should be allowed, because some athletes will still do them, some no matter how harsh the punishments are. And it would not be fair for the athletes who want to use them but don't because of the law. They lose an advantage they would otherwise have if it wasn't against the law.

Part 3 - Should Athletes Who Use Steroids Be Discredited From Their Awards?

No they shouldn't, this is yet another reason why steroids should be legal. Let me use an example, Boxer Bob is back with his huge budget. He is now fighting Boxer Tommy for the Heavyweight belt. Boxer Tommy is a middle class man; he can afford a steady supply of basic supplements, food, and he is a good puncher.

Boxer Bob and Boxer Tommy fight, and Boxer Tommy wins the fight and the belt. A few months later it is discovered that Boxer Tommy has been taking steroids for a while now. Should his win be taken away because he used steroids? If you say yes, how can you know for sure that the steroids caused him to win? What if he was just the better boxer that night? If you say because he broke the law and it should be taken away, again you ask yourself when did sports stop being about two athletes or teams competing against each other?

So the Boxing Commission decides to strip Boxer Tommy of the belt and call that fight a 'no contest' because of his use of steroids. However a twist exists, this past fight Boxer Bob also got his hands on some steroids and used them, but no one ever discovered that Boxer Bob used these steroids. Boxer Bob receives his belt back even though he also used steroids, just wasn't caught.

The point here is you can't accurately discredit someone for using steroids because you do not know if the steroids made the difference in getting the win or even if the opponent was also using them.

Part 4 - What Sports Are The Biggest Concern Regarding Steroids?

In regards to the additional advantage it gives competitors, the fewer players on one team, the more distinct the advantage will be for the players using steroids. For example if half of all athletes use steroids, in a 1 on 1 competition one of the athletes would be using steroids, and that person will have a distinct advantage in winning over the other. However for football, if half of both teams use them, then the advantage gained by steroids would be equal.

Part 5 - Could The Use Of Steroids In Contact Sports Be Dangerous To Their Opponents?

The athletes in sports prepare and know the risks of their sport. Yes, the risk would be greater to the opponent of someone using steroids; however it would not be a mind blowing advantage. Take the example with Boxer Joe. Boxer Joe uses steroids, but if his training and diet is bad, he would not hurt his opponent more than Boxer Bob would, who has the best supplements, equipment, and trainers.

So you may think, well what if someone like Boxer Bob used steroids, then he would be godlike and have an unfair advantage right? Yes he would have an advantage, but what if his opponent also uses the same steroids? In this case the steroids wouldn't have a role in this fight. It would still be up to who is the better fighter. This is yet another reason steroids should be legal; there is no 100% sure fire way to fire ban everyone from using steroids, so why punish someone who wants to take them for obeying the law?

Part 6 - Have I Ever Considered Using Steroids?

Considered as... how it would feel to be a millionaire? Yes. Considered as actually looking for someone to buy them from? No. Despite my viewpoint that steroids should be legal, I would never do them because as an athlete, my goals are to improve myself and my body. I feel that using steroids would actually hinder that progress, as smoking, drugs, etc. would do.

I've thought on how muscular I could get on steroids, and thus have an advantage over others, but that is the farthest I would ever consider using steroids. I don't think it is worth it, money-wise and heath-wise, to use steroids just to improve my outside appearance and competitiveness.

3rd Place - Backa53
To Juice or not to Juice
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What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?

I think that before anyone develops an opinion on steroid use in sports, they must look beyond what is told to you by the media, and what the real issues are. I agree with the majority in the sense that steroids should absolutely be outlawed in any sport. I believe that the dangers of steroids lie not within the dangers of the drugs themselves, but more so the extreme competitive natures of the athletes who might be tempted to use them.

It is well documented that most dangers of steroids are absolutely avoidable if dosed, cycled and used correctly. The problem is that athletes naturally want to gain every advantage they can. An athlete can notice results and be blinded to the dangers. They can overdose trying to gain that much more advantage.

I do feel that steroids are not as big a problem in baseball as many have made it seem. No baseball player has ever reached a level of strength that is not reachable by a natural athlete. Barry Bonds does not have super human strength that only a steroid user can reach. If you take any linebacker in the NFL and bless them with the hand-eye coordination of a Barry Bonds, they would hit the ball so far it would offer an in-flight movie.

I don't believe that steroid use is as rampant in baseball as it is in football. The reason we hear about the issue in this sport is because it is such a statistics-based sport. Football has its statistics, but the majority of steroid users probably play along the line, where there is little to no statistical popularity.

I believe in a sport like football, steroids truly can be very dangerous. Steroids can help lower body fat to levels that just aren't safe to be taking and because low body fat translates directly to speed, there is no telling what some players might push their bodies to.

What Do You Think About The Steroid Policies?

It was really naive of baseball to think that going so long without a steroid policy was okay. Every professional sport should have a steroid policy simply to eliminate doubt among the media and fans. The work is generally done by (World Anti-Doping Agency) and the league just has to make the call.

World Anti-Doping Agency:
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the international independent organization created in 1999 to promote, coordinate, and monitor the fight against doping in sport in all its forms.

Composed and funded equally by the sports movement and governments of the world, WADA coordinated the development and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), the document harmonizing anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries.

WADA works towards a vision of the world that values and fosters doping free sport.

Do you believe the athletes using steroids should be discredited for their awards?

If an athlete tests positive or is proven to have taken steroids when it was illegal to do so, then yes, they should be discredited for their award. Such is easy in track and field. They simply eliminate the time and bump the medals up and it is almost like it never happened.

In baseball, records and awards have such layers and rippling effects, I believe it is impossible to simply pretend something never happened. The homerun was hit. Are you going to take it off the scoreboard too? No. If a player is found positive he must be suspended, but team and league sports can't rewrite the books.

In the case of baseball, there was not even a policy in place. Any steroid use that or or Mark McGwire were a part of was not against the rules in the eyes of baseball. The league was obviously behind the eight ball, as the Olympics have been testing for decades, and have only themselves to blame.

Biggest Concern:
Which sports do you think steroids are the biggest concern?

As I stated earlier, conventional sports, it has to be football. It is so competitive, and there are so many freak athletes, that I believe it would drive many a player to do anything to catch up.

I think overall, however, that steroid use is the biggest concern in Professional Wrestling and Bodybuilding. The two sports are chin deep in juicers and nobody seems to care. There have been enough deaths in Pro Wrestling, that I am very surprised that congress or someone has not come forward and attempted to regulate the sports.

Contact Sports:
Do you believe the use of steroids in sports, such as boxing, could be dangerous to the opponents?

I don't think they are necessarily dangerous to the opponents. If the opponent is at a higher level, they are going to be dangerous regardless, whether or not they have been juicing. It is like asking the question "Do you believe it is dangerous to the opponent if one fighter trains harder and becomes a better fighter?"

Bonus Question:
As any athlete, have you ever used, or thought about using steroids? Why, or why not?

I have not yet come near my absolute ceiling of potential as an athlete, so there is no good reason for me to think about using steroids. I hope that as I near this ceiling, testing has furthered to the point where it is near impossible to dodge a test. This would help make it so no young athletes need to be making the life threatening decision of taking on a steroid cycle.


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