Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 21

Rest day! It's time to relax, recuperate, and soak up Arnold lore. His life is an open book, so get ready to learn more about him than you ever knew you needed to know!

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You've had your fill of training like Arnold this week. Today, it's all about rest. If life permits, stay in bed a bit longer than usual, or maybe try to squeeze in a nap this afternoon.

Not a napper? Consider losing yourself into the rabbit hole of Arnold's "Ask Me Anything" Reddit threads from the last two years, I Am Arnold..Ask Me Anything and I Am Arnold AMA 2.0. Both live up to all your expectations of frankness and hilarity. You'll learn the secrets of an Austrian cheat meal—pass the Kaiserschmarrn!—alcoholic protein drinks, and how to work your shoulders with the Arnold press until you can't raise your arms anymore. Plus, you'll get a surprising amount of original Arnold artwork in the form of hand-scrawled notes and Christmas cards. Enjoy.

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