Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Trainer - Choose Your Goal

Choose your goal and start building your legacy with Arnold's Blueprint Trainers!

How do you envision your best body? Do you see yourself as a mass monster, or do you see yourself as a lean, ripped athlete? You may even see yourself as something in between. Whatever vision you see in your head, Arnold Schwarzenegger will help you turn it into reality.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint
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If you want to pack on muscle, follow Arnold's Blueprint to Mass Trainer for 12 weeks. Or, if you want to get peeled, follow his 8-week Blueprint to Cut Trainer. If you want to get big and lean, follow Blueprint to Mass first and then try Blueprint to Cut.

Arnold built a legacy to last through the ages. Now it's time for you to build your own.

Choose Your Goal

Mass Program

Blueprint to Mass

This is your map to success.

Cut Program

Blueprint to Cut

Turn your vision into reality.

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