Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut: Supplements

Clutch Cut asks you to put your body in gear. On a nutritional level, it's critical that you put back what you expend. That's where supplements come in.

Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut: Supplements
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New studies are revealing the decreased nutrient content in the foods we eat. Due to modern industrial farming methods, most foods simply aren't as nutrient-dense as they once were. This makes it difficult to take in all the micronutrients you need from food alone, especially if you're an athlete. Thankfully, supplements can help fill in your daily nutrient gaps.

Confusion reigns when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. People tend to think, "I'm eating right, so my body is getting everything it needs." But, anytime you exercise hard—especially the type of exercise I put my clients through—the fuel burned needs replacing. That's where supplements come into play.

Clutch Cut supplementation
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Clutch Cut Supplementation

The first supplement I recommend is a solid multivitamin, one your body can absorb; otherwise, there's no point taking it. For this reason, I prefer plant-based multivitamins. Certain studies have suggested that plant-ingredient multivitamins may be absorbed by the body up to 300 percent better than certain synthetic multivitamins.

Because Clutch Cut is a fast-paced fat-loss program, I also recommend a fat burner. I choose completely stimulant-free fat burners. I don't want to mess with cortisol levels or burn out my adrenal glands. I want to keep my cortisol levels stable. There are ways to burn body fat without having to use stimulants. Clutch Cut is one of them.

My pre-workout supplement doesn't have stimulants in it, either. Instead, I've loaded it with B vitamins, citrulline, L-arginine, L-ornithine, L-carnitine, and other energy boosters that contribute to a great pre-workout product.

Supplements support great results; They're not a shortcut to them.
"Supplements support great results; They're not a shortcut to them."

I also take and recommend a protein powder. Honestly, protein powder can be a blessing and a curse. When shooting a film, protein powder is vital as a meal replacement, but many protein powders cause people to bloat. For this reason, I've always preferred pure, whey protein isolate (WPI) that is 100 percent hormone-free. WPI supports muscle growth and lets your digestive system take a break, but it doesn't carry the possible bloating effects of lower-grade protein sources.

People who don't think that supplements work simply haven't found the right supplement. There are numerous ingredients and blends on the market, so I encourage people to find the right product line.

When I take my supplements, I take them on time and as directed. Supplements are mandatory for me and my clients, because I know what they are going to do. They are going to help accelerate results, but they'll never replace good nutrition. Supplements support great results; they're not a shortcut to them.

Clutch Cut Supplement Plan


Clutch Workout Powder has been formulated to boost the intensity and results of your workouts without the use of stimulants or caffeine. It delivers a killer pump and promotes peak performance, all without artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. It’s a natural source of awesome energy.

Designed To Increase Energy, Buffer Fatigue And Fuel Muscles With Patented Ingredients! Go Now!

Dosage and timing: Mix 1/2-1 level scoop with 8 oz. cold water. Consume 30 minutes prior to training.

Clutch Fat-Burner

Clutch Fat-Burner is a thermogenic blend designed to cut, shred, and incinerate fat without any stimulants or caffeine. Formulated to work with your metabolism and support lean muscle, Clutch Fat-Burner uses a science-backed blend of powerful ingredients to support fat loss.

Burn Fat As Energy Rather Than Storing It! Go Now!

Dosage and timing: Take two capsules with 8 oz of water 30 minutes before breakfast and two capsules with 8 oz of water 30 minutes before lunch.

Clutch Protein Powder

Clutch Protein Powder is the world's most pure and powerful protein shake, made entirely from New Zealand whey protein isolate and formulated to fuel lean muscle growth and recovery. This high-quality isolate also supports fat loss and can be used during Clutch Cut as a snack.

Recover Faster Between Work! Go Now!

Dosage and timing: One scoop. Use after every workout. Drink within 30 minutes of exercise.

Clutch Baking Mix

Clutch Baking Mix is a 100 percent vegan, gluten-free protein powder designed to make guilt-free pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins, and plant-based protein shakes. Loaded with 13 grams of protein per serving and only 4 grams of carbohydrates, Clutch Baking Mix is designed to curb cravings and is the perfect food for anyone trying to lose weight and build muscle.

Delivers 24% Of Daily Value Of Dietary Protein With No Additives And 100% Plant-Based Protein Sources! Go Now!

Dosage and timing: Follow the label to make protein pancakes!

Clutch Tip

If you really want to kick-start your cut, start the program with three days of Cleanse One. Take two capsules on an empty stomach before your evening meal to help cleanse toxins, remove waste, and reduce bloating and water retention.

After all, Clutch Cut is about more than cutting body fat. It's about kicking unnatural crap to the curb and going clean. Various chemicals in processed foods and skincare products can damage your results and impact your hormonal levels. If you're interested in natural, paraben-free skin products, check out the men's skincare line I recommend to all of my clients .

Check out Ashley Conrad's complete supplement lineup! Go Now!

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