Ask The Super Strong Guy: Got A Killer Core Workout?

Pro powerlifter Mark Bell answers your questions about lifting very, very heavy objects off the floor and rack.


Strong fella! I'm sick of crunches. Can you help me put together a new core workout?

The only crunches I know of are Captain Crunch and Nestle Crunch Bars, and neither of them will get you a ripped core. Watch out for the Captain Crunch: It kills the roof of your mouth!

You want a killer core workout, Supertraining style? Careful what you wish for, big son - you may regret it, and you just might get it! Get ready to build a burly core with some super-charged planks.

Chain Gang Planks

Have a partner pile up some chains on your back, or some 45 pound plates, while you're doing a plank. Hold for 1 minute with about 100 pounds, strip some weight, and then hold 50 pounds for another 30 seconds. Superset that with 5-to-6 reps of one-arm barbell deadlifts -- 95-to-155 pounds should do the trick -- and boom, you've got a core-crusher. Rest, recover, and repeat this sequence 4 times.

Core Crusher
This exercise was made popular by Ed Coan, the greatest powerlifter of all time. It will build a strong core for pulls and squats. Try doing these from a rack. The feeling is much different and allows for greater isolation of the obliques.

    Want More?

    If you're a real sick [email protected], you can try this superset in between a conditioning drill, like lunges or sled pulling. The extra work done by your diaphragm will make the ab work even more insane.

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