Brian Stann Fitness 360 - Follow His Program!

He's been a high school football star and a war hero. Now he's a fast-rising MMA star. One constant in Brian Stann's life: A dedication to training his body for whatever's headed his way.

Brian Stann Fitness 360 - Follow His Program!

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Brain Stann is a lean mean fighting machine, whose career as a UFC mixed martial artist has catapulted to great heights, due in part to his unmatched work ethic and regimented training, nutrition and supplementation programs. Although maintaining peak fitness is a critical component to his career, Brian attests that leading a healthy active lifestyle is also paramount to his overall well being.

The discipline he sets in the gym to beat his opponents also bleeds over to other aspects of his life, helping him to be a better father and husband. Check out Brian's unique plan, and see what makes him the most versatile fighter in the octagon.

Brian Stann's Fitness Program
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Brian Stann's Muscle Building Program

If you want the muscles that it takes to defeat your foe, check out Brian's personal muscle building plan.

Brian Brian Stann's Cutting Program

If you want to go toe-to-toe with your opponent, check out Brian's cutting regimen.

Main | Muscle Building | Cutting

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