Fitness 360 Programs: Men

We've compiled some of the best men's bodies in the fitness industry and laid them out side-by-side, so you can decide exactly what you want to look like.

Fitness 360 Programs: Men
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Men - Pick Your Physique

Steve Cook: Classic Form

Steve Cook

Classic Form

Felicia Romero: Navigating The Gym Jungle

Felicia Romero

Navigating The Gym Jungle

Jamie Eason Middleton: Insider Secrets

Jamie Eason Middleton

Insider Secrets

Abel Albonetti: Model Behavior

Abel Albonetti

Model Behavior

Daniel Banks: Swole Patrol

Daniel Banks

Swole Patrol

Raynor Whitcombe, Samoan Strength

Raynor Whitcombe

Samoan Strength

Alex Savva, Fit Freak

Alex Savva

Fit Freak

Kristina Olson: Driven To Succeed

Kristina Olson

Driven To Succeed

Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Boás Has Brazilian Brawn!

Boás Henrique Oliveira

Boás Has Brazilian Brawn!

Melody Decena Wyatt: Picture Your Perfect Body

Melody Decena Wyatt

Picture Your Perfect Body

Ross Dickerson: Crazy Fit Brit

Ross Dickerson

Crazy Fit Brit

Chris Thompson: Militia Muscle

Chris Thompson

Militia Muscle

Rodney Razor: Razor Sharp

Rodney Razor

Razor Sharp

Chassidy Smothers: Beyond Basic Training

Chassidy Smothers

Beyond Basic Training

Jim Stoppani, PhD: Body By Science

Jim Stoppani, PhD

Body By Science

Samantha Ann Leete: Leete's Fitness Feats

Samantha Ann Leete

Leete's Fitness Feats

Brian Casad: Big Risk, Big Reward

Brian Casad

Big Risk, Big Reward

Dr. Sara Solomon: Fitter Faster

Dr. Sara Solomon

Fitter Faster

Brandan Fokken: Room To Grow

Brandan Fokken

Room To Grow

Chris Whited: Banking On Fitness

Chris Whited

Banking On Fitness

James Grage: Define Your Own Destiny

James Grage

Define Your Own Destiny

Seth Feroce: Working Class To World Class

Seth Feroce

Working Class To World Class

Jen Jewell: Fitness Jewell

Jen Jewell

Fitness Jewell

Tabitha Klausen: Model Trains

Tabitha Klausen

Model Trains

Kirk Miller: Master Trainer

Kirk Miller

Master Trainer

Cory Gregory: Lifted Up

Cory Gregory

Lifted Up

Alicia Harris: Fast Track To Fitness

Alicia Harris

Fast Track To Fitness

Carl Roberts: Hard Corps Muscle

Carl Roberts

Hard Corps Muscle

Rachel Flint: Fit Like Flint

Rachel Flint

Fit Like Flint

Marc Megna: Dream Big, Never Quit

Marc Megna

Dream Big, Never Quit

Brendy Scheerer: The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Brendy Scheerer

The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Stephanie Toomey: Battle-Tested Body

Stephanie Toomey

Battle-Tested Body

Karina Baymiller: Petite Powerhouse

Karina Baymiller

Petite Powerhouse

Erin Stern: Action Figure

Erin Stern

Action Figure

David Otunga: The Case For Fitness

David Otunga

The Case For Fitness

Colton Leonard: Stronger Than Stone

Colton Leonard

Stronger Than Stone

Jaquelyn Kastelic: Powered By Paleo

Jaquelyn Kastelic

Powered By Paleo

James St. Leger: Fire Arms

James St. Leger

Fire Arms

Shane Raymond: British Beast

Shane Raymond

British Beast

Gal Ferreira Yates: Brazilian Beauty, Bodybuilding Beast

Gal Ferreira Yates

Brazilian Beauty, Bodybuilding Beast

Katie Chung Hua: Built For The Beach

Katie Chung Hua

Built For The Beach

Shannon Clark: Body Of Work

Shannon Clark

Body Of Work

Laura McGraw: Survivor Strong

Laura McGraw

Survivor Strong

Halid Shokunbi: Taking Charge

Halid Shokunbi

Taking Charge

Nick Scott: Against All Odds

Nick Scott

Against All Odds

Jamie Alderton: War Games

Jamie Alderton

War Games

Amanda Latona: The Next Stage

Amanda Latona

The Next Stage

Brittany Tacy: True Brit

Brittany Tacy

True Brit

Vincent Russo: Coach Against The Couch

Vincent Russo

Coach Against The Couch

Preston Noble: Brains & Brawn

Preston Noble

Brains & Brawn

Amanda Ennett: Corps Strength

Amanda Ennett

Corps Strength

Vilachack Ladara: Aim Higher

Vilachack Ladara

Aim Higher

Ashley Horner: Fitness Forward

Ashley Horner

Fitness Forward

Mary Murphy: Raising The Bar Higher

Mary Murphy

Raising The Bar Higher

Brooke Erickson: Making A Change

Brooke Erickson

Making A Change

Courtney Prather: Court's In Session

Courtney Prather

Court's In Session

Scott Dorn: Peeled To Perfection

Scott Dorn

Peeled To Perfection

Craig Capurso: This Guy Is Money

Craig Capurso

This Guy Is Money

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: Throwing Punches & Punchlines

Quinton Jackson

Throwing Punches & Punchlines

Nicole Moneer: Fit For Life

Nicole Moneer

Fit For Life

Ashley Johns: Reversal Of Fortune

Ashley Johns

Reversal Of Fortune

Sean Sarantos: Never Say Die

Sean Sarantos

Never Say Die

Lee Labrada: Built To Last

Lee Labrada

Built To Last

Lauren Abraham: Survival Of The Fittest

Lauren Abraham

Survival Of The Fittest

Clay Guida: Ground & Pound

Clay Guida

Ground & Pound

Rich Gaspari: Get Ripped Like Rich

Rich Gaspari

Get Ripped Like Rich

Michelle Hanson Mondelli: Fitness Model & Competitor

Michelle Hanson Mondelli

Fitness Model & Competitor

Trelas Dyson: 2011 $100,000 Transformation Challenge Winner

Trelas Dyson

$100,000 Transformation Winner

Nikia Dyson: 2011 $100,000 Transformation Challenge Winner

Nikia Dyson

$100,000 Transformation Winner

Sean Hardge: 2010 Military Challenge Winner

Sean Hardge

2010 Military Challenge Winner

Neil Hill: UK's Bodybuilding Legend & Yoda

Neil Hill

UK's Bodybuilding Legend & Yoda

Lindsay Kaye Miller: Heavy Hitter

Lindsay Kaye Miller

Heavy Hitter

Ronnie Coleman: 8-Time Mr. Olympia

Ronnie Coleman

8-Time Mr. Olympia

Ryan Hughes: Hardgainer No More

Ryan Hughes

Hardgainer No More

Laura Bailey: Mind Games

Laura Bailey

Mind Games

Kelechi Opara: No Gym No Problem

Kelechi Opara

No Gym No Problem

Brian Stann: Striking Power

Brian Stann

Striking Power

Kathleen Tesori: Balancing Act

Kathleen Tesori

Balancing Act

Kizzito Ejam: Lifted Up

Kizzito Ejam

Lifted Up

Jennifer Rankin Thompson: Photo Finish

Jen Rankin Thompson

Photo Finish

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