Fitness 360: Ross Dickerson, Supplementation Regimen

Simplicity is the secret to supplement sanity. Ross Dickerson only takes what he needs to supplement his diet. Here are his supp selections.

Fitness 360: Ross Dickerson, Supplementation Regimen

WBFF Pro Ross Dickerson went from a relative unknown to a pro and personal trainer over the last two years. His favorite supplements have been with him the whole way. That being said, Dickerson succeeds with what is, by some standards, a limited stack.

"I'm not one for taking loads of supplements, but the ones I do use are the key toward my training," says Dickerson. "I take three basic supplements—whey protein, casein protein, and branched-chain amino acids [BCAAs]—because they are the ones I have found make a noticeable difference. They are essential for my recovery, and maintaining and gaining lean muscle while I diet toward a specific goal."

"I take my whey protein, iSupp Pure, post-workout," Dickerson says. "Whey is the quickest and most easily digested protein available. It replenishes my muscles with the nutrients needed for repair. I also use it as a snack during the day between main meals, especially when I find myself without access to fresh food. I like iSupp particularly for its low sugar content."

Besides the regular protein supplements, Dickerson is an advocate for BCAAs. "I take them before and after a workout to reduce the rate of protein breakdown in my muscles, and to help me maintain mass. That's particularly important when I am shredding for a competition."

Before he hits the sack each night, Dickerson uses iSupp Quantum, a casein protein. "It's a slow-release protein, so I am able to keep feeding my body throughout the night and further keep my muscle mass up while cutting," he says.

Supplementation Regimen

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