Skip La Cour's Transformation Podcast: Effectively Use The Powerful Influence Of Others (Part 3)!

Skip La Cour explains how to effectively use other people to help you in this week's podcast. Listen now and learn more.

arrow Episode 18: May 14, 2009
Using Others' Powerful Influence To Reach Goals (Part 3)!

How To Use The Powerful Influence Of Other People To Help You Reach Your Bodybuilding And Training Goals

    Skip La Cour, six-time national champion bodybuilder, success coach, and speaker, outlines more insightful distinctions that will teach you how to effectively use other people to help you reach your bodybuilding and training goals.

    People are a tremendously valuable resource that's available to you. Whether you realize or not, the people in your life are influencing the level of success that you experience with your bodybuilding and training efforts. When used properly, the powerful influence of other people can make your journey much easier. When used improperly, this influence can make everything you do much more difficult than it has to be.

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