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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer

Ready to get fit after the birth of your new baby? Jamie Eason is here to help. Check out her upcoming 12-week post-pregnancy plan and learn how you can achieve the best shape of your life!

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The Starting Line

12 Weeks of Work

3-6 workouts a week / 15-30 min. workouts

Three months of progressive, easily adaptable workouts to fit any schedule or lifestyle, along with a guide to navigating the 1-3 months right after a birth.

The Starting Line

Expert Guidance

Doctor / trainer / model

The post-pregnancy trainer was created with input from medical experts, and features interviews with a doctor in preventative medicine and rehabilitation.

The Starting Line

Nutrition Plan

Food list / recipes

Jamie is famous for her recipes, and this plan offers plenty! This isn't about eating less, it's about eating right for your goals, and you and your baby's health!

The Starting Line

Supplement Plan

Recommended supplements and timing

This isn't the time to experiment! Jamie's supplement recommendations are simple, safe, and science backed.

Testimonials for Jamie Eason's Post-Pregnancy Trainer

Jamie's plan has already helped thousands of new moms change their lives. Here's what those who finished it have to say!


Absolutely love how raw and straightforward this trainer is. All too often pregnancy, delivery, and recovery is presented on social media as easy. This may play true to some, but for most of us it is one of the greatest physical and emotional challenges of our life. Thank you, Jamie!


Finished! My body is now totally ready to take it to the next level and push much harder. All post-partum mummies should give this a go. I had diastasis recti and just subbed the ab work with my rehab exercises, keeping my core well engaged for the lifting once I got the go-ahead from my physio. Thanks, Jamie!


Thank you so much for creating this program! I have two kids under 3, and my youngest is 18 months. It has been such a struggle trying to manage my time with these two little monkeys! This program takes away all the guesswork and I can fit in the workouts at any time, although usually I have to wait until the kids are in bed.

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