Training With One-Hundred Repetitions!

Sounds downright insane, doesn't it, one-hundred repetitions per set. I've recommended this for three reasons which I will list below along with a great workout spilt as an example. Break out of your plateau, now!

Sounds downright insane, doesn't it, one-hundred repetitions per set. That is like doing ten sets of ten, but all at once. You would think you have to be an elite athlete to train like this. The truth is anyone; I mean anyone can do it. I can tell you this; I will let any one of my clients who is willing to try something a little different train this way for a number of reasons.

One-Hundred Repetitions

Throughout the years, I have personally engaged in the hundreds program more than several times. I actually try to do it once every twelve to eighteen months. In fact I am ready to embark on this intense training regime yet again.

My training partner and I are doing fifteen to twenty reps on a four day split. We will change our body part spilt and number of reps to eight to ten for about six weeks. Then it will be time to delve into the hundreds.

The idea behind doing one hundred repetitions is that you only do one set per exercise. You choose a weight light enough to hopefully get through one hundred full range repetitions.


If you have to stop to rest, only rest one second per repetition left to perform.

For example, if you only get seventy reps, you rest thirty seconds and then do the remaining thirty. Say you have to rest again; you use the same principal by resting one second per repetition you have left until you reach the one hundred mark.


You may increase the intensity (weight) only when you can complete one hundred full range repetitions. I would suggest increasing in small increments however. You will be amazed at what you will be able to leg press or squat one hundred times by the end of the cycle.

Training Cycle

The training cycle will last about as long as any other; anywhere from six to eight weeks (I once did a ten week cycle). There is no magic number of weeks to a cycle, just do it for as long as it feels right to you. Some experts believe a two week period is long enough.

Like I said, I have done this program a number of times. If you want to put on muscle, get more definition and separation, get stronger and leaner, then try this program. You owe it to yourself. Push it to another level; go beyond what you think you can. I guarantee results if and only if you give this an honest shot.

I remember I once did one hundred tricep pushdowns. After the set was complete I couldn't believe the pump that immediately followed. It literally felt like something or someone was pushing up the back of my arms.

I never achieved a pump quite like that again. What a natural high that was, something I will never forget. That was over ten years ago.

The Workout

Here is an example of a training split and workout using one hundred repetitions.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Remember this is a progressive program. Make sure you complete one hundred full range repetitions before adding any more weight. The example I gave here is just that, an example. You can do a split over three to five days if you want, that's up to you. You can arrange the body parts in any fashion you would like as well.

Pick your exercises and only do one set per exercise. I would suggest keeping your exercises the same throughout the cycle. This way it is easier to track the weight you are using. I would also recommend having a training partner. You can count the repetitions for one another and push each other to finish each set. Good luck.

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