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The 7-Day Six-Pack

This is designed to be the only ab program you'll ever need. Do it on its own or with your current training, and be prepared to amaze yourself!

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7-Day Six Pack 7-Day Six Pack
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Three Separate Programs

4 Work Per Week / 10-15 Min. Workout

What fits you best: Anywhere Abs, The Brick Builder, or The Shredder? Match your training to your goals! Each program is easy to follow alongside our full fitness plans!


Adaptable Training

Periodization and Substitutions

The editors of designed this to be the only six-pack program you'll ever need. We'll explain how to tweak it so you can use it for months on end!


Nutrition Plan

Macros / Meal Plan

If your plan is just to stay hungry all the time and pray for results, you need a better approach! This science-backed approach has already helped thousands of fans build their best-ever bodies.


Supplement Plan

Recommended supplements and timing

Don't just reach for the nearest fat burner and hope for the best. Learn the science behind popular supps, and how to take them to achieve your goals!

The Only Six-Pack Plan You'll Ever Need

With three programs you can follow right out of the gate or adapt for months or years down the road, you can stop stressing about your training. You'll feel the burn in the right places, build strength where it counts, and add just the right amount of muscular definition.


Expert Exercise Advice

You'll get targeted guidance for each of the movements in the program, video demonstration straight from the web's largest and most popular exercise database.


Abdominal Anatomy Info

You need to know your abs before you grow your abs! Learn what makes a strong core from the inside out, and then put that knowledge into action.


Diet and Supplement Tips

Our full nutrition plan includes meals recommendations, smart supplement choices, and expert advice to help you burn fat while building definition.

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