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Triple Threat: 4-Week Fitness Plan

Why choose between muscle building, strength, and conditioning when you can have them all! With the expert-designed workouts in this four-week program, you'll become a triple threat.

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Triple Threat

4 Weeks of Work

5 workouts per week / 45-60 min. workouts

You don't have to choose between muscle, strength, and conditioning. You can be both athlete and Adonis, functional and ferocious. Harness the strength that comes from wielding the weights, while creating an aerobic engine to power you through any challenge!

Triple Threat

Hybrid Training

Heavy lifting / conditioning / bodybuilding

If you're an advanced lifter, Triple Threat will help you to unlock your potential. If you're starting out, it'll help you build your foundation for whatever comes next. In either case, it will test you with new and unique workouts.

Triple Threat

Daily Workout Videos

Elite coaching / technique tips

You'll get the details of each and every workout in videos from your coaches, RSP athletes Hannah Eden, Curtis Bartlett, and Kieon Dorsey.

Triple Threat

Customizable Nutrition and Supp Plan

Food list / recommended supps

This can be a muscle-building or fat-loss program, depending on how you eat. But you're going to be working hard during Triple Threat, so eating right and fueling your training appropriately will be a must!

Testimonials for Triple Threat

Triple Threat has already changed thousands of lives. Here's what those who followed it have to say.



I am on my third round of this program. I have done many programs and I would say this is my favorite! I have seen great results. I really like the variety each day. Conditioning days are tough, but awesome! Definitely give it a try.



This routine has been a nice change of pace, a real challenge, and a lot of fun! Excited to run it again and see how much my wife and I have improved relative to the first time around!

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