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Introduction To Arachidonic Acid


Become Anabolic With Arachidonic Acid*

Arachidonic Acid is an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that is found naturally in beef, chicken, and egg yolks. As an essential fatty acid, Arachidonic Acid takes part in several body functions like:

  • Metabolizing the food you eat
  • Brain function
  • Immune System function
  • Muscle growth and development in response to training

As a supplement, Arachidonic Acid primarily supports muscle building and workout performance.* With more support for protein synthesis, you'll be on your way to building slabs of rock hard muscle in no time!


Advance Your Supplement Stack

Arachidonic Acid is the new trail-blazer for muscle building supplements. Are you ready for hardcore hypertrophy and crushing muscle gains? Arachidonic Acid may help:

  • Intensify your body's response to weight training*
  • Boost strength and power during your workout*
  • Support mind-blowing muscle pumps*
  • Promote fast muscle recovery and growth*

Build Upon Your Performance*

Arachidonic Acid is an advanced muscle building supplement. If your main fitness goal is to build muscle and you've already got a good workout, nutrition, and supplement stack in place, Arachidonic Acid may be right for you.

Arachidonic Acid supports your body's response to training, so that means you've got to be consistent with your training and trying to build mass if you're thinking of taking this supplement.*

Remember, you won't see any muscle gains without a proper high-protein, calorie-sur diet, but Arachidonic Acid is a great addition to any supplement stack that includes a multi-vitamin, protein powder, and essential fatty acids.

Stack And Cycle For Big Rewards

The usual recommended serving of Arachidonic Acid can be anywhere from 200mg to 1000mg a day. Always follow the unique directions on the product you buy and start with the lowest recommended servings per day.

It's a good idea to break up your servings of Arachidonic Acid throughout the day, taking each serving with a meal. Arachidonic Acid should be cycled after 8 weeks. The recommended cycle is 8 weeks on, taking Arachidonic Acid, and 8 weeks off, not taking Arachidonic Acid for that time.

With a supposed increase to your response to weight training, you may experience a lot of muscle soreness when taking Arachidonic Acid.*