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Best Pre Workout , 30 Servings Watermelon Ice

First Ever Ketogenic Pre-Workout*
Designed To Utilize Fat For Fuel To Increase Strength And Performance*
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Watermelon Ice
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Product Overview

Better. Stronger Work
BPI Sports Best Pre Workout
first ever ketogenic pre-workout*

May help to:

strength & performance*
weight loss*
what is best pre workout?

Ketosis is a metabolic state many times referred to as the “fat burning” state caused by a low-carb or caloric-deficit diet. When your body enters a state of ketosis, it utilizes stored fat as a primary source of energy; for you, this means burning away fat as fuel. utilizes an exogenous blend of ketones that allows your body to enter the ketogenic state faster while providing energy boosting ingredients for heightened mental focus & energy, as well as increased strength and performance.*

why is it better?

BEST PRE WORKOUT contains the endogenous ketone beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB) in sodium, magnesium, and potassium salt form. Ingestion of BHB has been shown to raise the levels of blood ketones (BHB and AcAc) for 2.5-3 hours after ingestion.*

There is a substantial decrease for the need of oxygen intake after you consume the BHB salts. In fact, your ability to perform the very same workout routine may substantially increase based on this very premise. In essence, a greater output for a lesser expenditure. In other words, imagine getting much greater mileage to the gallon. Well, this is exactly just that. The science behind BEST PRE WORKOUT shows that you can consume less oxygen and perform at a greater level during this magical 2.5-3 hour window, not to mention an unrivaled sense of satiety (feeling of fullness). This translates into the BEST workout of your life!*

Best of all, this new cutting edge technology allows the body to go from using glucose (sugar) as its primary fuel mechanism to burning fats instead.*

perfect for:
intermittent fasting
ketogenic diets
fasted cardio
low-carb diets
what's in best pre workout?
beta-hydroxybutytrate ketone energy blend
beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB)
(Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium as salt form)

BHB is crucial in helping you save your hard earned muscle mass and not burning it away as fuel during workouts. By helping to maintain your blood sugar levels with BHB, your body is less likely to turn to muscle and glucose for energy during workouts and will instead turn to using cellular energy and ketone bodies produced from fatty acids. This is extremely important for when you are dieting and in a caloric deficit.*

Caffeine Anhydrous (250 mg)

Caffeine Anhydrous is seen to be a purer form of caffeine and much more effective and potent. It provides you with a long-lasting, extreme energy boost paired with enhanced focus and alertness. This intense boost of energy will allow you to train longer and harder in the gym than ever before to lead to greater strength, power and athletic performance. It can also provide increased fat oxidation leading to rock hard muscle gains.*


CDP-Choline has been shown in studies to help enhance mental focus, clarity and alertness. When you’re in the gym to make gains and progress, you want to be dialed in to your workout and not have your mind wondering. CDP-Choline will help you dial in with laser-like focus creating the ultimate mind-muscle connection.*

Solanum tuberosum

Solanum tuberosum can help provide the body with more energy but supporting healthy glucose metabolism. As we workout we burn glucose as an energy source and Solanum Tuberosum can help manage this. This may help protect against weight gain as we are burning glucose and fat versus that muscle that you want to keep and build…not lose.*

Taraxacum officinale (root)

Taraxacum officinale (better known as “dandelion root”) plays a key role in treating water retention and bloat and can help encourage fat metabolization for energy.*

Lycoris radiata extract (bulb)

Lycoris radiate is a potent neurocognitive enhancement ingredient providing mental clarity and productivity.*

This Is What I Take!

The best pre-workout combo!


No matter what diet you’re on, there’s one goal in mind: use fat as fuel and preserve lean muscle mass. You’re body needs fuel and energy to function and it’ll use anything to do so, even breaking down your own muscle! But you can change that by combining BEST PRE WORKOUT & BEST BCAA. Increase you energy, endurance and focus, all while getting your much-needed BCAAs to help preserve lean muscle, prevent muscle breakdown (catabolism) and promote protein synthesis.*†

In addition, the BHB in BEST PRE WORKOUT™ helps maintain your blood sugar levels. It forces your body to use cellular energy and ketone bodies produced from fatty acids as your primary fuel source instead of your muscles, while the MCTs can also act as a fast alternative fuel source. The CLA in the Best Selling BEST BCAA™ allows you to use stored body fat for fuel and, at the same time, promotes lean muscle growth.*†

It’s no wonder BEST PRE WORKOUT™ & BEST BCAA™ are the perfect stack for all low-carb diet plans.

my commitment to you

James Grage. BPI Sports Co-Founder

My name is James Grage and I am no stranger to adversity. After surviving a car accident that ejected me 95 feet from my demolished car, I was told by doctors that my body would never be the same again. Taking that challenge head on, I made it my mission to get back in the gym, build myself back up, and improve the quality of my life. I started with eating the right foods and taking the right nutritional supplements. With all the hard work, sweat, and tears that I was putting in, I needed to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the supplements I was taking were working as hard as I was. That the ingredients that I was putting into my body were clean, pure and effective. Unfortunately, I always doubted that I was getting the quality that I desired.

James Grage. BPI Sports Co-Founder

That’s why I co-founded BPI Sports. We aren’t just about sports nutrition over here. We’re a health and fitness company committed to excellence. We believe that the BEST Ingredients make the BEST Products. We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals with those high standards at heart. This is what drives the values of BPI Sports. We are committed to making sure that we deliver the absolute best nutritional products to you.

BEST PRE WORKOUT is the first ever ketogenic pre-workout. This formula contains some of the most cutting-edge ingredients, like beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) for getting your body into a ketogenic state faster, and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) for easier metabolization.This is a pre-workout is geared specifically towards helping you lose weight faster, while allowing your workouts to be better, stronger, and more productive.

Yours in Health

James Grage

James Grage
BPI Sports Co-Founder

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
65 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
34 Ratings
Average Flavor Rating
4 Flavors
Top Rated Flavor
Tropical Freeze
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Jan 24, 2019
Verified Buyer

Not a huge fan of the flavor of this product. It’s quite bitter tasting to me. I like BPI products and James Grage is the man, but this product missed the mark of my BPI standards in my opinion. If you can get over the taste, then the product itself works decently okay!

Aug 09, 2018
  • 10 Watermelon Ice

This stuff is totally insane I've been tried every pre-workout under the ☀ and all I can say is that it is a really amazing how it put me in the the zone. I creamed the weights I usually struggle with and I kept on training way past when I usually get tired. I really feel that Bpi have got a winner here I will only use best pre as my pre workout so please Bpi don't change formula James Johannesburg south africa

May 22, 2018

I take 1-1.5 scoops in the morning with a scoop of creatine during my breakfast. It doesn't give me the tingles or make feel all hot or itchy like c4, or drinking a redline does. I use it for mental focus and a slight pick me up so I can be in the zone when I get to work. I'm very caffeine sensitive, It's not a good one to take if you have a high caffeine tolerance or want to be bouncing off the walls in the gym. However I've tried the blue lemon ice, Apple pear, and tropical freeze. I personally like the blue lemon ice the best it tastes kinda like a margarita to me, and if I want something more sweetish then Apple pear is awesome, but tropical freeze is too sweet for me. I mainly drink unsweetened black tea so I'm not much of a sugar guy! Hope this helps! I'll be trying watermelon ice next

Apr 28, 2018

wastage of time and money, very poor pre workout

Feb 17, 2018
Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed the blue lemon ice flavor - mixed well, no yucky aftertaste, pretty refreshing. As a pre-workout, I'm not a fan of one that raises my heart rate a ton or gives me a lot of jitters, so this one was perfect. Helped me get my workout in, but for those of you looking for something strong, this may not be it.

Dec 21, 2017

The flavor is really good, i'm not a fan of the flavor I got but that was the best choice i had. Energy was ok, nothing super. I felt great during my workout but it just didnt give that extra kick i was expecting

Dec 18, 2017
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Watermelon Ice

Great preworkout. I have been keto for three years and am glad to see this product on the market. I do notice mental clarity and focus that lasts a couple hours.

Oct 20, 2017
Verified Buyer

LOVE this product and am sad to see it on "clearance". It gives me just the extra focus and energy I need to enable me to get in a great workout and still be able to have plenty of mind and body for my 12-14 hour work days WITHOUT making me jittery or extra sweaty.

Oct 03, 2017
Verified Buyer
  • 6 Watermelon Ice

I have tried all flavors of this product. Flavors are decent but not the best. I did not get a great pump or workout off of these and took it more as a mindset to workout rather than energy feel ..

Jun 14, 2017

looking at the ingredients and after using this product for sometime i can give it 9 for those who are on Keto or like to do fasted cardio,if your goal is to build muscles this product is not for you.

May 18, 2017
Verified Buyer

This use to be a favorite. It seems they have changed formula to some products. This looks "powdery". I have ordered it in the past and it was the best and it also did not appear "powdery." Not nearly as good as it used to be. I break a little sweat but do not feel the energy like I used to with this product.

Apr 20, 2017
Verified Buyer

Flavor was very good but as an overall pre workout, I wasn't too impressed with this product. It didn't provide me with the pump that others have. If you're on a ketogenic diet this product may be better for you than it was for me.

Mar 14, 2017
Verified Buyer

This product gave me EXACTLY what i needed ! Gave me a little bit of that tingly feel but it did help me to DESTROY my workout ! Kept me focused and really energized through the whole workout. 10\10 Would recommend.

Feb 22, 2017

Unique flavor! It provides good energy for me, but everything provides good energy for me...

Jan 26, 2017
Verified Buyer

Good Product Solid Product no nianic itch, I work out @ 2 am and i can honestly say that i feel this kick in within 30 min. Love it. I also take this with Shredded BCAA and Roxy Lean and Aminos all by BPI.

30 Servings
30 Servings
$1.01 Per Serving
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Watermelon Ice

What's in BPI Sports Best Pre Workout

30 Servings Watermelon Ice
Serving Size 1 Scoop (10.5 grams)
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 40       
Calories from Fat 40       
Total Fat 4 g 6%†
Saturated Fat 4 g 20%†
CAPTEX® Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) **
BETA-HYDROXYBUTYRATE (BHB) (as salt form) **
Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™) **
Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™) **
Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™) **
BEST PRE WORKOUT™ ENERGY BLEND (Proprietary) 450mg **
Caffeine Anhydrous (250 mg), CDP-Choline (Cytidine 5'-diphosphate choline), Solanum tuberosum, Taraxacum officinale (root), Lycoris radiata extract (bulb)
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Nonfat Dry Milk, Disodium Phosphate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Fiber Blend (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan Gum), Sucralose, Acesulfame K, Silicon Dioxide, and FD&C Blue No. 40.
Contains milk.

Directions For Best Pre Workout: Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 8 ounces of cold water or beverage, or as suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under age 18. Do not exceed recommended dose. Get the consent of a licensed physician before using this product, especially if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, you are pregnant, nursing or thinking about becoming pregnant. KEEP THIS PRODUCT AND ALL SUPPLEMENTS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Caffeine warning: Do not consume caffeine, or combine with synephrine, including but not limited to coffee, tea, soda and other dietary supplements or medications containing phenylephrine or caffeine. Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally rapid heartbeat. Discontinue use if you experience dizziness, severe headache, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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