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Peak O2, 120 Grams
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Maximize Human Power And Endurance*
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Cordyceps, 90 Vcaps
6.2 2 Reviews
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Healthy Immune Support!*
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Test X180, 60 Capsules
Force Factor
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Muscle Building Testosterone Booster*
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Mental Jewels, 120 Capsules
Ambrosia Nutraceuticals
Only 67mg iodized caffeine and malic acid
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Mental Jewels, 30 Servings
Ambrosia Nutraceuticals
Only 67mg iodized caffeine and malic acid
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New Item Genius Mushrooms, 90 Veggie Capsules
The Genius Brand
Mushroom capsules to support mental clarity & the immune system*
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Super-Charge Your Stamina*

Cordyceps is a fungus also called Caterpillar Fungus that was used in traditional and herbal medicinal remedies in some regions of China and Tibet. Today, Cordycep's potential as a general health and sports nutrition supplement is spreading across the world.


Compete Harder For Longer*

As a sports nutrition supplement, Cordyceps main function is to support endurance and stamina.* For general health, Cordyceps also supports immune system function, oxygen flow, liver detoxification, and healthy metabolism rate.*

Supplementing with Cordyceps may help you:

  • Perform long periods of cardio-vascular exercise*
  • Maintain optimal health*
  • Encourage a healthy metabolic rate*
  • Keep your stamina up for high-intensity athletic performance*

Enhance Your Endurance Abilities*

If you perform high intensity cardio-vascular exercise and you're looking to support your endurance abilities, Cordyceps may help you!* Cordyceps is a great choice for athletes, gym rats, bodybuilders, marathon runners and other endurance athletes.

Also, if you are looking to help support immune system function or liver health, Cordyceps would be a great addition to your current healthy diet and exercise program.*

Cordyceps is safe for men and women.

Using Cordyceps Correctly And Effectively

The generally recommended serving size of Cordyceps is 2-3 grams per day. You can buy Cordyceps as a standalone product, or you can find Cordyceps as an ingredient in some pre-workout products, endurance support products, and general health support products.

Always follow the directions as written on the product label.