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Workout Details

Duration: 8 weeks
Work per week: 4-5
Fitness level: Intermediate
Equipment needed: Full Gym

Plan Details

Category: Gain strength
Videos: 5
Nutrition plan: Yes
Supplement plan: Yes
Mobile app: Yes
Experience a new kind of strength! Experience a new kind of strength! icon

Experience a new kind of strength!


This comprehensive eight-week program is for anyone who wants to go down the strength rabbit hole, learn the essentials, and feel the thrill of seeing the weight on the bar go up.

Day 1: Squat Focus

2 sets, 20 reps (This is a warm-up, so go relatively light and chase the pump. Rest 1-2 min.)
1 set, 6 reps, RPE 8 (Ramp up to your top set with as many sets of 6 as necessary, resting 1-2 min. between sets and 3-5 min. before your top set. Leave around 2 reps in the bank in your top set.)
3 sets, 6 reps (Use a weight that is 10% less than your top set. If you feel fatigued, subtract 15%. Rest 2-4 min. between sets, or as needed.)
Builder Superset
Rest as little as possible between movements, and 1-2 min. between rounds.
3 sets, 15 reps, RPE 6
3 sets, 10 reps per leg, RPE 7 (For both movements, pick a weight that is challenging, but stay a few reps shy of failure.)
Giant Set
Rest as little as possible between movements, and 1-2 min. between rounds.
4 sets, 10 reps
4 sets, 10 reps (For these first two movements, go as heavy as possible and push each set close to failure.)
4 sets, 10 reps
4 sets, 5 reps per side (Focus on form, keep your core tight and eyes on the weight, and don't go close to failure. If equipment availability is an issue, it's OK to break the giant set into supersets or trisets.)

Learn and practice the big lifts Learn and practice the big lifts icon

Learn and practice the big lifts


Powerlifter and 2018 Spokesmodel Search winner Meg Squats will demonstrate every movement in video demonstrations, GIFs, and workout walkthroughs.

Four full video workouts Four full video workouts icon

Four full video workouts


Wondering how to select the right weight? How much to warm up? What workout accessories are essential, and when? Meg will share a lifetime of insider tips as she leads you through every moment of all four workouts from Week 1!

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