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Iron Intelligence: Evan Centopani's Smart 12-Week Muscle-Building Plan

Prepare for a muscular transformation unlike anything you've ever experienced. You'll lift, eat, and prepare like a pro throughout 12 weeks of world-class bodybuilding training!

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Iron Intelligence

12 Weeks of Work

3-5 workouts per week / 60 min. workout

Iron Intelligence is a world-class bodybuilding program that can be done by anyone, anywhere. Don't limit yourself. Take your body where it's never been before!

Iron Intelligence

Training Phases

Strength / size / conditioning

This is how the pros grow. In three progressive phases, you'll build strength, size, and peerless conditioning with simple but seriously tough workouts.

Iron Intelligence

Nutrition Plan

Macro calculator / meal plan

Evan Centopani has earned countless fans with his frank views on nutrition. See how he preps and eats, and follow a customized meal plan for your body. If your stomach is ready, we've got your preferred foods list, portion guide, and a sample meal plan.

Iron Intelligence

Supplement Plan

Supplement recommendations and timing

There's nothing exotic or unnecessary here, just proven performance boosters and recovery optimizers!

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Testimonials for Iron Intelligence

Evan's program has already changed thousands of lives. Here's what those who finished it had to say!


I killed it and am feeling it tonight! Love it!


This sounds like the best scheduled training program I've seen. A big thank you shout out to Evan Centopani.


The first workout destroyed me. I thought I was in good condition, but I learned otherwise. I have not been this sore in my chest and legs in a very long time. Can't wait for more.

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