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Jacked In 3: 4-Week Muscle-Building Plan

Serious muscle in just three sessions a week? Yes, its possible. This program could revolutionize your lifting life!

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4 Weeks of Work

3 Work Per Week / 45-60 Min. Workout

This simple, innovative, adaptable training program is for anyone—man or woman, beginner or advanced—who is ready to work both hard and smart. It's just four weeks, but can be extended indefinitely!

expert instruction

Expert Instruction

Technique and Programming Guidance

Elite bodybuilding and strength coach Paul Carter will show you everything you need to know to perform the workouts, as well as walk you through a full workout himself!


Auto-Regulation Training

Non-Equipment Specific / Pattern-Based Training

You have numerous choices every day for what moves you can do, and how hard you push it. This program can be dialed back as needed, then ramped up when you're ready to set a solid PR.


Nutrition Guidance

Eat for Growth and Health

Don't overcomplicate your nutrition! This is a sustainable way to eat for performance in the gym and results in the mirror.

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Yes, you can get jacked in just 3 workouts a week!

But it's not going to happen by accident. Here's what makes Jacked in 3 great for anyone looking for a manageable program that can provide serious results:

  • Upper/lower split alternates weekly, so volume and intensity ebb and flow
  • Bis and tris every training day because… do we need to explain that?
  • Balanced compound lifts and isolation work for strength and muscle gains
  • Accumulative Volume Training protocol allows you to pull back or push it based on how you feel
  • Unparalleled equipment adaptability: You can do this in any gym!
  • Detailed guidance on how to eat, manage cardio, and more

Do this program between more demanding programs, during a busy time in life, or just to try something entirely new. But don't be surprised if you keep coming back to it!

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