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Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding 12-Week Training Program

Twelve weeks. That's all I ask for. In return, bodybuilders will receive more muscle than ever, strength athletes will receive more power than ever, and athletes will receive all of the above.

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12 Weeks of Work

5 workouts per week / 60-90 min. workouts

Want to get big, strong, and cut? Part bodybuilding, part powerlifting, Mike O'Hearn's "power bodybuilding" concept builds muscle and strength at the same time.


3-Phase Program

Get huge / get strong

Every four weeks, you'll systematically increase the weight you use on your main lifts. This is how you get strong. You'll also do just enough accessory work to lift the part!

video workout

Video Work

Train with Mike O'Hearn

The major workouts in Power Bodybuilding all come with a comprehensive video breaking down Mike's personal technique and favorite tips.


Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Nutrition rules / sup suggestions and timing

This is world-class training, so you need to take your nutrition deadly serious. Here's how he eats and what he takes!

Testimonials for Power Bodybuilding

Power Bodybuilding has changed thousands of lives. Here's what those who followed it have to say.



I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I saw great gains in strength and kept my size.



I am stronger than I have ever been. With four weeks left in the program, I am benching 300 pounds (7x2), squatting 395, and I finished last week deadlifting 365 (7x3).



This program is great! I only changed some of the exercises based on availability at the gym.

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